How to Change IP Address on Android Device

How to Change IP Address on Android Device

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How to Change IP Address on Android Device – Guide

In modern times, tracking a person’s whereabouts is not difficult at all. You can also track the complete history of where a person went today, what they did today or what their daily routine has been like for the past few days. You just need to have a little experience with unethical hacking and know how to find a phone IP address or how to change an IP address. If you are not interested in hacking or ethical principles do not allow you to indulge in hacking and make other people’s lives miserable? Well that’s great and we need more people like you in the world!

Unfortunately, not all people think so, especially hackers. These cyber criminals can do more damage to your privacy or sensitive data than you can handle. They can do all that and more by tracking your IP address. To get around these problems, you need to learn how to change the IP address on your Android devices. But first, let’s learn what an IP address is and why you need to change your Android device’s IP location.

How to find an available IP address for your android device

You need to use a Windows computer to find an available IP address before you can change your Android’s IP.

  • On a Windows computer, click on the Start menu and type cmd so that the command prompt appears. Click on the command prompt when it is visible.
  • At the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter:
  • Look for the information labeled “Default Gateway”, “IPv4 Address” and “DNS Servers”. The Default Gateway is the IP address of your network, while the IPv4 Address is the IP address of the computer you are typing commands from. DNS Servers are two servers related to your Internet Service Provider and Internet usage.
  • To find an available IP address, type the command “ping” followed by the next sequential IP address following your Default Gateway. For example, if your Default Gateway is, the next sequential IP address is Using this example, your ping command should look like this:
  • If any IP address appears with the text “Destination Host Unreachable”, that IP address is available. If you don’t see any IP addresses showing “Destination Host Unreachable”, repeat the ping command with the next sequential IP address, i.e. and so on, until you find an available IP.
  • How to change the IP address on your android device

  • Open your Android device’s Wi-Fi settings. If you’re not sure where to find it, open the Settings app, tap on “Network & Internet”, then tap on “Wi-Fi”.
  • If you are already connected to the Wi-Fi network you want to use, tap and hold the name of that network. When “Modify Network” appears, tap on it. If this option does not appear initially, tap the Wi-Fi network, tap “Forget Network” and try the step one more time.
  • Tap on “Advanced Settings”.
  • Use your finger or stylus to scroll down to IP Settings. Tap “DCHP” and then tap “Static” in the drop-down menu that appears.
  • In their respective fields, enter the available IP address you discovered, your Default Gateway, and the two DNS servers. You can also change the other settings or leave them in their default states. When finished, tap “Save”.
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