How to Charge Nintendo Switch Without Dock

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Without Dock

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How to Charge Nintendo Switch Without Dock – Guide

Every “normal” Nintendo Switch (except Lite) comes with a dock. The small stand is responsible for charging the console (along with its Joy-Cons) and playing games on the TV via an HDMI cable. The dock is a reliable device that is not difficult to use, but let’s say you’ve lost your dock, or it’s broken, or you just find it uncomfortable to have it around. In that case, can you use your Nintendo Switch even if it doesn’t have a dock?

The answer is yes, with one caveat. As mentioned earlier, the dock has two main uses: charging and connecting to the TV. If you don’t have a dock, you’ll need another accessory to replace these features. (By the way, if you have a Switch Lite, your console doesn’t come with a docking station, but with an AC adapter for charging. Currently, there is no way to connect your Nintendo Switch Lite to a TV.)

What is Nintendo Switch

This is a gaming device. It allows users to play various types of exciting games. Started its journey in 2017, the device managed to win the heart of millions. And the number is gradually increasing.

Gamers of all ages are almost addicted to this device. Therefore, the demand for this device is skyrocketing.

How to Charging Nintendo Switch without Dock?

Loading is an issue for players. when they are out of home, they can leave the pier at home. Naturally, this is because they are in a hurry while traveling.

But nothing to worry about.

You can charge your Nintendo switch even if you are not uploading the document. It’s simple and easy. Check here.

Step 1

  • Get a USBC cable. This is available almost everywhere. Also, get an adapter for the USBC cable. You can take a 1 amp adapter. Alternatively, you can also get a 2 amp adapter. When you use the first one, the load will be a little slower.
  • Using the latter will allow you to load faster.
  • step 2

  • Connect the USBC cable with the adapter. And then, connect the USBC cable to your Nintendo switch port. You will find a USBC port on the side of the Nintendo switch.
  • Make sure the connection is tight and perfect.
  • step 3

  • Now connect the adapter to any direct power source. See. Nintendo switch is charging.
  • You have to wait for two to three hours at a stretch. The Nintendo switch will be fully charged by this time.
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