How to Check Battery Health on Android Device

How to Check Battery Health on Android Device

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How to Check Battery Health on Android Device – Guide

Do you want to know how to to check your android battery health? Learn how to check and monitor your android battery status phone. You will almost certainly have a problem with your smartphone battery at some point. Batteries decrease performance over time as they are consumables. They won’t have as much charge after a few years as when they were fresh. Knowing this, you will likely want to extend the life of your phone battery as much as possible. To keep your smartphone running smoothly for as long as possible, we are going to teach you how to check and monitor battery health on android.

How to Check Battery Health on Android with AccuBattery

After the initial setup, you can browse the AccuBattery tabs, but they won’t have much information in them. Due to the nature of the application, you need to leave it installed and use your phone as you normally would for a while before starting to get useful information.

So, for starters, you should try to disconnect your phone when it reaches 80% charge. AccuBattery includes an alarm that will alert you to this level of charge. If you want to adjust it, visit the Loading tab and drag the blue slider to a different level.

When your phone connected, this tab will also display information about how long it takes to charge. Over time, as it becomes more accurate, this will help you estimate how long your phone will have to sit on the charger.

Monitoring which apps use battery

On the Download tab, you will find information related to how your phone uses power. It shows how much battery was used when the screen was on and off, as well as in deep sleep (learn more about Android’s Twelve mode to understand deep sleep).

Under App Usage Access, make sure to Grant permission for the app to access usage data. This gives you more information about which apps consume the most battery.

As the app learns how you use your phone, you will see estimates of how long the battery will last at its current charge level. Note that this is different from calibrating your battery, which is unnecessary.

AccuBattery battery health data

Of course all this is related how to monitor your android phone battery health. The Health tab shows battery health statistics by comparing your battery’s estimated capacity to the factory projected capacity. This lets you see how much power your battery holds on a full charge, compared to how it was in its new state.

For more information, you can check the battery wear chart below. This shows how much pressure you put on the battery each day, so you can learn about your habits and make changes when needed.

Take a look at the History tab if you want to see stats from previous days. Tap an entry to see more information about it.

AccuBattery Options and Pro Upgrade

That’s all you need to know about using AccuBattery to monitor your Android device’s battery health. Before you finish configuring up, you should check your few preferences to ensure the application runs as you prefer. Tap the three-dot menu button in the top right corner and choose Settings to take a look.

Options allow you to change the temperature unit, set Do Not Disturb times for charging alarm, and change app notification options. By default, AccuBattery displays a persistent notification with some battery information. You can disable this if you find it annoying.

If you like the app, also consider purchasing the AccuBattery Pro via an in-app purchase. For a few dollars, you can remove ads and gain access to dark themes, as well as see more historical stats and include additional battery information in the notification.

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