How to Con­nect a Free VPN on Mac

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How to Con­nect a Free VPN on Mac – Guide

A virtual private network (or VPN service, for short) is a way to connect to the web securely. Although initially used primarily by companies to connect to remote data centers, VPNs have now become very popular with individuals, mainly because they allow you to access content and websites that may not be available in your specific region, such as Hulu, for example.

However, not every Mac user is familiar with VPNs, and since there is more than one way to connect to one, it can sometimes be a little intimidating.

So here’s a little tutorial in how to They do this.

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Accessing a VPN through a native application

There are several online services that provide VPN connections for free and that are secure. Typically, however, these services also offer paid plans, which means that their free plans come with time or bandwidth limitations.

Even so, in most cases, they are more than enough to safely navigate for a few days.

Hs Shield


The advantage of these services (like HotSpot Shield or Hideman, for example) is that they provide standalone applications for Mac that allow you to turn your VPN connection on or off with one click. All you need to do is download the app and connect to the service.

Hs app

Hideman App

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Accessing a VPN manually

In some cases, however, some users may prefer to access their VPN manually. To begin with, this method, although it takes longer to define up, it’s much faster later and you don’t have to rely on a third-party app that may not work properly either.

In addition, there are several scenarios in which a dedicated application will simply not be available, such as when accessing a working VPN, for example. All services that provide dedicated VPN applications also offer everything you need to manually connect to your Mac, so there is really no reason not to learn how to do it.

Here is the process:

Step 1: On your Mac, open the Preferences panel and click the Network icon. There, at the bottom of the left panel, click on the “+” sign to add a new connection.


Left panel

Step 2: In the panel that slides down, select the following:

  • Interface: VPN (since this is the service we will be using)
  • VPN Type: Depending on the type of connection, you must select either L2TP (more secure) or PPTP
  • Service Name: Name your VPN the way you want it.
  • VPN name

    Once this is done, click Create button to create the new connection.

    Step 3: Now, select the new connection in the left panel and fill in the following information in the mandatory fields.

  • Settings: Standard (you can add different configurations for each server, which is like having more than one profile for the same account, but most of the time a single configuration is sufficient)
  • Server address: Use the IP or domain name provided by the VPN.
  • Account name: Here, use the ‘username’ provided by the VPN
  • Account created

    Step 4: Click Authentication Settings … button and a new panel will slide down. There, select Password and enter the one provided by your VPN service. When you’re ready, click OK.


    Step 5: Now, click Advanced … button to see other options. Here, under Session Options, you will have to select the checkbox next to Send all traffic over the VPN connection. This ensures that all navigation from then on passes through the VPN server.


    Vpn Menu Bar

    Step 6: Now, back in the main network window, be sure to select the Show VPN status option in the menu bar so you can easily access your connection from anywhere on your Mac.

    VPN menu bar icon

    And there it is. Now, whenever you want to watch that Netflix video or read those comics restricted to other regions, just go back to this one tutorial and you will be ready.

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