How to Con­vert HEIC to JPG on Mac: Guide

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How to Con­vert HEIC to JPG on Mac: Guide – Guide

Apple started using the HEIC image format with iOS 11. It is preferred over traditional JPG because of its smaller file size, and has also found its way onto the Mac. HEIC can cause problems for some applications. Here it is how to easily convert HEIC files to JPG. If you live on iOS, you probably never really know if an image is in HEIC or JPG format, because it usually doesn’t matter.

However, when you start sharing images or saving them to your Mac for future use, you may want them in a more common format. This happens more often on a Mac, so wouldn’t it be great if there was a quick and easy way to convert images in HEIC format to JPG? If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty a little with Automator, you have a quick and easy way.

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Photo app – Drag and drop or export

The Photos app features two ways to convert your HEIC images to JPG format. The first method is super easy – drag and drop the photos onto the desktop or some other Finder folder and they will be converted to JPG format automatically.

The other method is somewhat complicated and involves exporting images. You can prefer this over drag and drop, as it allows granular control over the file conversion process.

  • After selecting the HEIC image or images, open the File menu. Then, point to Export and click Export Photos.
  • In the dialog box that shows up, specify the format of the output file (JPEG in this case). After that, select the preferred image quality, perform the other desired settings and click Export.
  • Then, you will be asked to select an exit location. After doing this, the Photos application will convert and export the images.
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    View application – convert and export

    For HEIC images that reside outside the Photos application, you can use the Export function in the Preview application instead of converting them to JPG.

  • To export a single image to JPG format, open the image in Preview and then open the File menu. follow up selecting the Export option.
  • You will be asked with a small pop-up box. Set the output format to JPEG, adjust the quality level, select the output folder and click Save to convert the image.
  • To convert multiple photos using the Preview application, start by selecting the files while holding down the Command (Cmd) key. Then, right-click on any selected photo and click Open to open the photos in a single preview window.
  • Observation: If the selected photos open in separate windows, you must configure the viewing application to open them in a single window. To do this, open the View menu, click Preferences, click Images, and click Open filegroups in the same window. Then, close all viewing windows and reopen the images.

  • Press Command + A shortcut to select all photos in the preview window. follow up opening the File menu. Click Export selected images to continue.
  • In the Finder window that shows up, specify an exit location and click Options button in the lower left corner to reveal the export options.
  • Select JPEG using the drop-down menu next to Format, adjust the quality level using the slider provided and click Choose to convert the files.
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    iMazing – third party converter

    In addition to the Preview application, another easy way to convert images located outside the Photos application involves using a third-party file conversion utility called iMazing HEIC Converter. It is an incredibly small and easy to use application, free to use, without bloating or advertising of any kind.

  • After downloading and installing the applet, simply drag the HEIC files you want to convert to the iMazing HEIC Converter window.
  • You can then specify the output format (JPEG), adjust the file size and choose to keep or remove the EXIF ​​data after conversion.
  • After that, click Convert. You must then specify an output location to save the converted images.
  • Keep iMazing HEIC Converter if you plan to convert HEIC files on a regular basis. This will eliminate the need to export images using the Preview application frequently.

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