How to Copy Full Path of File on Windows 10 PC

How to Copy Full Path of File on Windows 10 PC

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How to Copy Full Path of File on Windows 10 PC – Guide

Windows File Explorer is one of the best things about Windows 10 as it allows the user to access different aspects of the operating system with just a few mouse clicks. The most impressive thing about Windows Explorer is the ability for users to make it even better. In this article, we explain how to copy the path of a file or folder in Windows 10/8/7 using the Explorer interface or the freeware Path Copy Copy.

Getting the path of a deeply rooted file or folder in File Explorer can be a daunting task. We often have to send documents to social networks or other websites, which forces us to go through countless folders until we find the file we want. Finding a path to upload a file or folder in File Explorer can be time consuming. In most cases, going to the root location of a file system can be quite a chore. It’s really tedious to regularly manually copy the address bar path to paste it wherever you want.

Copy the file or folder path in Windows 10

Fortunately, there is a way to easily copy the full path of a file or folder to the clipboard. All thanks to Windows, which is constantly updated with new features that make our lives a lot easier. In earlier versions of Windows, there is an option called Copy Path in the file’s context menu that allows you to copy the path of a file or folder and paste it to the clipboard. In Windows 10, the copy path button is moved to the ribbon area of ​​the Home tab in File Explorer.

  • Open Windows File Explorer and browse to the location of the file whose path you want to copy. Select the file or folder you prefer to copy.
  • At the Home tab strip, click Copy Path button to copy the path of the selected file or folder.
  • Now paste the path in the desired location or on a clipboard.
  • Path Copy for Windows PC

    You can use Path Copy Copy to copy file and folder paths.

    Easily copy paths

    When it comes to copying paths, this task is quite simple and we will explain how. You see, the user must simply launch Windows Explorer, locate the file or folder they are interested in and right-click.

    You should now see the context menu with all of its many options. The next step is to look for Path Copy and hover over it. From there, users will see a new list of submenu options where all the magic happens. Select any of the available options to have a path copied and press CTRL+V to paste the copied items into a Word document or elsewhere.


    The command panel provides the ability to remove specific items from the context menu. Not only that, but if you want easy access to some of the path copying options, you have the option of placing them in the main menu. At the moment, all functions are available through the submenu, which is good as it doesn’t allow for confusion up the main menu.

    Regarding the options tab, here people can decide if they want the submenu or everything in one place. We recommend never disabling this feature as things can get confusing and difficult to control, even if you are an advanced user. Also, it’s relatively easy to add quotes to copied paths with a mouse click. Also, if you want to copy multiple paths on the same line, just check the “Copy multiple paths on the same line” checkbox.

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