How To Count Photos on Google Photos and Other Photo Tricks

How To Count  Photos on Google Photos and Other Photo Tricks

Hello guys in this guide, I am gonna tell you about How To Count the Photos in Google Photos and Other Photo Tricks. So read this article, step by step so you may understand it in a better way.

Guide: How To Count the Photos in Google Photos and Other Photo Tricks

One of the most powerful free tools in the world is the Google suite of online apps. From Documents to Drive, these free apps are reliable, cloud-based solutions accessible to anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection. Even within that suite, Google Photos stands out as an excellent solution. With the ability to manage tens, hundreds or thousands of images, Google’s “Photos” is a great way to store and organize both your personal and business photo collections.

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With digital everywhere cameraPhotos and smartphones, most of us have thousands of photos or even more, many more than ours phones can hold easily. It just makes sense to put our photos in the cloud, but what if you want to know how many photos you have? A common question we get is whether there is a way to count photos in Google Photos. The answer is yes, there is – but it’s not where you’d expect to find it.

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Count photos in Google Photos

You can see how many images you have stored in Google Photos by looking at your Google Dashboard.

  • Navigate to your Google Dashboard on your computer and log in.
  • Scroll down until you see Google Photos; Click here.
  • You should see the number of albums and the number of photos. This is the number of photos you have in Google Photos.

According to Google’s FAQ, this number can be misleading as it can also count images in Google Hangouts and other places. So while it can give you an idea of ​​how many images you have, it may not match exactly if you’re using other Google products. Still, it gives you a general idea of ​​how many photos you’ve entrusted to the Google cloud.

For more accurate numbers, go to the Google Photos website and click on ‘Albums’ in the left menu bar. Once here you can add up the number of photos under each album to get a more accurate count. It’s no easier, but it’s a bit more accurate than the first option. You can also do this from the Google Photos app.

There are more neat ones tricks to use in Google Photos, and here are a few.

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Google Photos tricks you should know

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Create animations

You can use your images in Google Photos to create GIFs or animations. In Google Photos, select Assistant & Animation, then select 2 to 50 images. Photos will merge them to make a short animated scene. When you are happy with it, select Create to finish. You can then publish or share as you see fit.

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Scan photos

My parents recently finished digitizing their 60-year-old photos with a standard scanner. If they had known about Google Photoscan, their lives might have been made easier. I have the heart to tell them, but I’ll tell you. Google Photoscan is available for both iOS and Android and is a smart app that can monitor every aspect of your phone camera to get the best possible shot.

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Save space with settings

By default, Google Photos uploads images in ‘the original’ format, which can be huge. If you are a modern phone which allows you to take images over 16 megapixels, you can reduce the file size to save some storage space. Go to Settings and select Restore Storage. This gives you the ability to convert huge images to 16MP size and upscale images with lower resolution up up to 16 MP. The other benefit of using the smaller size is that Google gives you unlimited storage space for those photos. Having thousands of photos can be a huge savings.

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Do basic edits

If you want to make a minor image edit and don’t have image editing software, you can make a few basic tweaks in Google Photos. You can change colors with filters, reduce glare and pop, and adjust a few lighting options too. Open an image and select Edit. Change colors with color filters or make other changes with basic adjustments.

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View a slideshow

If you’ve taken several photos in a row, you can view them all in a slide show. Google Photos displays each image for a few seconds before it automatically moves to the next. Open an image in the app, select the menu, then Slideshow. It selects all the images in the album and displays them one by one.

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Back upup from different image folders of an Android phone

By default, images are saved in the Camera folder on an Android phone can be set to be supported up to Google Photos via sync. You can also specify other folders to back upup want to make up also, so if you back-up want to create from WhatsApp images or Snapchat photos, you can.

Select Settings from Google Photos and then Back up & sync. Select Back up device folders and enable other folders to back upup to make up.

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Share pictures with friends

You can of course share images in the usual way via the image window or by pinning one to a text message, but you can also do this via Google Photos. Open an image from Album in Google Photos and you have the option to share. Select your platform or recipient and proceed from there.

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Back upup from your photo collection on your local drive

It’s easy to go back up every photo you take to your Photos account, but what if you want to make sure there’s a local copy on your desktop computer? That is easy to set up up to. Here’s how:

  1. Log into your Google Drive account.
  2. Click Settings (the gear icon) and select Settings.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Create a Google Photos folder’ and select the option to automatically place your photos in a Drive folder.
  4. Install the Google Backup and sync app on your desktop computer.
  5. Configure Back-up and sync to keep the Google Photos folder in sync with your desktop.

That’s all it takes! Keep in mind that while Photos will store an infinite number of photos for you if you let it keep the normal high-resolution versions (16 megabytes in size, not the giant files the best cameracan produce routinely), a back-up of it up to your Drive folder will use your allocated storage space. And of course it is necessary to sync them to your desktop up room at your local storage.

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Teach Google Photos who your friends are

This is powerful and creepy featuredepending on your point of view. Would you like to be able to ask Photos to review and take all your photos up any statue of Alice, or Uncle George, or Grandma Janet? You can – but first you have to teach Photos who all those people are. Fortunately, this is very easy.

  1. Open the Photos website or app.
  2. Tap or click in the search bar.
  3. A row of round images of people will appear – all the faces Photos has abstracted from your existing photos.
  4. Tap or click an image. A gallery of all photos with that person will appear up.
  5. Tap or click “Add a name” and enter their name.

Now Photos knows who that person is, and you can get all of their photos by typing their name in the search box.

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Copy and paste edits from one photo to another

You can use Google Photos to edit your photos, do things like adjust color balance, saturation, etc. Do you have a bunch of photos you need to improve? Well, it’s really easy to edit them in bulk as long as you want the same settings for every photo. For example, if you have a hundred photos of the lake and want to increase the blue saturation of the photos to make them pop more, you can do that very quickly.

  1. Open one of the photos you want to mass edit.
  2. Make the desired changes.
  3. Press Ctrl-C (copy).
  4. Go to the next image.
  5. Press Ctrl-V.
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 for all pictures in the set.
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Quickly move photos to the archive to get them out of your slideshow

Maybe you have a few “sensitive” photos in your photo collection. You don’t want to lose them, and you don’t want to do something obvious like make an album titled ‘Totally Not Naked Pictures of Real Live Men and Women’, but you’d also like to be able to share your phone to your mom to show her a picture and not panic if she starts swiping. There is a simple solution: archive the photo. This will keep the photo available for browsing but will remove it from your main screen. (Make sure the photo is tagged with the person’s name so you can be sure to find it later in a search.)

You can navigate to the overflow menu in any image and select “File” if you want, but it’s a lot easier to use the keyboard shortcut: shift-a.

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