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Guide: How to Create Content People Want To Share

Content is everywhere. The internet is full of it. The obvious question arises, how can you make sure your content stands out and becomes the most viewed, most shared piece of content on the web?

The good news is, The holy grail of virulence is achievableBut there are a few important rules to adhere to. They are all part of the Dark Arts: Marketing and Manipulation.

I will share them in this post, and be warned that there is a lot of reading up in this post and beyond, but use them at your own risk and always try create and promote useful contentOr you can stop reading now. Will you join? Let’s go.

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Feeding the hooligans

You know those amazing types of consumers who are absolutely raving fans of your content? They always watch your show, read your stuff or analyze your designs. That’s where you should start. Those are the people who will most often share your content, in the most genuine way with a touch of their personality.

Don’t say you don’t have hooligans, people in your corner. Every content creator out there has at least a handful of fans cheering for him. Start there. Start small.

Your “hooligans” will give you awesome tweets you couldn’t have created yourself, follow and repeat ALL of your Pins and add geolocated (hooligans usually write in their native language) comments to your Facebook updates!

Trump Logic Emotions

Why start with them? Good, because emotions take precedence over logic, hooligans attract hooligans, and numbers over quality. Give your core users special, additional behind-the-scenes content: exclusive access, free trials (first!), Contests just for them to try out.

Communicate with them, send emails on their special days, give their help on the site, give them badges for your forum. Goodies keep them happy and appreciated. They will love it.


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1. Choose your car

You have three options: video, images and text. If you can’t use all three together, pictures seem to be supreme and videos are also emerging It’s harder to stir up emotions written by simply words since the internet is full of visual people.

I would go as far as to say that if you don’t promote your content through photos and videos, you are totally missing out!

Your content should make a lot of use of photos, and of course your Facebook update promoting that content should include the best photo available. For more information, check out this round-up of Facebook’s most liked, shared, and commented content curated by Dan Zarella

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2. Request for shares

It turns out that (surprise!) People are responding to retweets and sharing requests with… retweet and share! This means that you should completely end your articles, videos, or photos by asking the viewer to like, tweet, rate, comment, etc. As far as promoting that content, you should also ask nicely for it.

Here’s a great article with more details on it how and when to request retweetsThis does not only apply to Twitter. Follow these rules on any social platform.

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3. The purple cow

As I said. Content is everywhere. You need to make your content stand out. Just like the guys did at Milka. Their logo differs from other logos simply because most other chocolate manufacturers use a normal cow in the logo or advertisements.

The Mondelez International guys went with a Purple Cow, and now people recognize their brand immediately.

The challenge in creating your content is to make it as remarkable as possible. Usually that means being the first something to present or presenting it radically differently from anyone else has done before. So before you sit down to craft your gear, make sure to add at least one Purple Cow element to it.

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4. Intriguing titles

The Internet is an unconventional media channel. Where we previously had magazine covers and TV ads, we now chose what information to consume by primarily analyzing the headline.

Writing titles now is a whole new message in itself, but why reinvent the wheel? Here’s a cool one guide about Jeff Goins writing great titles. Also check out this SEJ piece on the same topic.

For articles, you can follow the conventions for creating “How To” pieces, “Top Tips”,” Ultimate GuideBut warp by replacing certain keywords. For example, instead of going with the conventional “Ultimate Guide Om… ”title, try“ The Secret Guide Om… ”,“ The Dark Arts Guide To…”.

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5. Do I have to write full conclusions?

No. Always use open ends. Always leave room for people to fill out and add to the content by commenting or sharing. many of your readers are eager to give their opinion on any topic under the sun; some of them need an invitation, some of them don’t. But invite them all.

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6. Infographics

Everyone loves them. In my book, infographics are probably the most shared content on the web. Seriously, everyone loves them. You should use them as often as possible. Even if you don’t create a full infographic, displaying an infographic partially will increase the chances of your stuff being shared.

On a budget? Check out PiktoChart for creating your infographics or these other great tools to help you build your own infographic.

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7. How much do I have to work on the content?

This one is simple. Work until you’re sure you’ve added as much value as possible! After finishing, verify your content and ask yourself: Have I added as much information and as much value to the viewer as I can? You know the answer, but it is important to be honest with yourself.

If you feel tired, take a break and resume creating your content later. Do not put your name on semi-finished projects. Be patient and keep working. You get there, you don’t have to rush.

But remember, the bar shouldn’t be someone else’s work. You have to fight yourself and try to give it your all. Add maximum value by providing as many easy to apply steps as possible.

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8. Swim against the current

People follow other people. Many content creators fall into this trap. You should not. Do not post messages, videos, or images that present topics from a normal, socially accepted point of view.

If you’re reporting news or creating original content, check out what the majority of people are saying on that particular topic first. If you can contradict them all, while defending a solid case, with really valid arguments, then you will definitely go viral. So do it. Paddle against the tide and you will reap the rewards.

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9. Am I speaking in a negative, personal voice?

As you saw above if you clicked on Dan Zarella’s Facebook infographic … oh okay, here’s the part I want you to watch:

self ref infographic

Self-referrals really help. Using I, I, I would do this, and other similar paradigms. You don’t even have to be an expert. Even Bill Gates said, “If you can’t make it right, make it look right.”

That is, you just have to show up as an expert, and people will share your stuff. People love to see, hear or read your own personal opinionPeople like powerful personalities and experts. Always talk about yourself and how you see things

Don’t just try to use your voice, but also be negative and use fear to motivate people to use your content. The principle is simple: the fear of losing something usually outweighs the desire to win.

This can be easily applied when creating content. When creating a video, change the paradigm and discuss what the user has to lose if they don’t watch the video.

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10. Dramatic twisted storyline

George RR Martin wrote Game of Thrones, but is more known for murdering his characters without apology. He applied all of the above principles, wrote in a personal, negative voice, and saw the world through various POVs. He intrigued people with his titles and subdivisions and added tremendous value by essentially adding historical inspiration to his fantasy novels. reinvent the genre

Game of Thrones is an example of a well-fed purple cow. He builds you up, make you fall in love with your favorite character on the show (and hate that one kid you really want to strangle with), then kill them all!


That’s daring. That is dramatic. That gives him more “eyeballs”. His books are bestsellers because he is the first to do so on such a large scale. His killings made him a celebrity

You need to create your own dramatic twists with your content. His method, ask yourself “What do people expect to receive?” And then do the exact opposite. Go out with a bang. They will be hurt, but in the end they will love you for it.

And there you have it, your tips to make your content viral. Now go make something viral.

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