How to CrossFade Songs on Spotify

How to CrossFade Songs on Spotify

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How to CrossFade Songs on Spotify – Guide

Without getting into the technical jargon, here’s what crossfade means in a layman’s tone. Crossfade is a type of transition in sound where the sound of one track fades and the sound of the next track increases. This crossfade happens gradually, otherwise it confuses your dance moves. Try this crossfading on Spotify at home, you will like. We personally liked it, and when we explored Spotify’s options, we found crossfade. feature on Spotify. We’ve just done the crossfade settings for 7 seconds and it’s amazing.

We played music while writing blogs and such. This crossfade feature keeps the work flowing. If you’re working out or on a trip or maybe at a bonfire party or why not a pool party, adding crossfade settings is a great thing. If you’ve ever been to a show, especially one by an EDM artist or DJ, you might notice that they never stop the music for the next one, not even for a second.

There are certain reasons for this. The first is that the DJ doesn’t want to destroy the mood, not even for a split second. Imagine that after an energetic and captivating drop, there is silence in the room for a few seconds because the next song is coming. Strange? Obviously. This transition effect from one song to another is called a crossfade. In this article, we will show you how to crossfade songs on Spotify.

How to CrossFade songs on Spotify

  • Click on the “Edit” heading of Spotify and select the “Preferences” option from the context menu.
  • Click the box next to the “Crossfade Tracks” heading in the Playback section of the Preferences menu.
  • Adjust the slider on the other side of the “Crossfade Tracks” heading to set the amount of time adjacent tracks overlap. Drag the slider to the left to decrease the length of the crossfade or to the right to increase it. Your changes will take effect immediately.
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