How to Customize Google Widget in Android

How to Customize Google Widget in Android

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How to Customize Google Widget in Android – Guide

The Google Search Bar is a search widget integrated into the Google application that allows users to search for anything from home screen. Users can search for nearby restaurants, sports scores, movie listings, latest news and other information from their home screen. It is available on home screen on all new android devices. However, if the Google search bar widget is missing from your home screen, you will not be able to use the search feature. Many users intentionally remove the Google search bar widget from their home screen because they don’t use the search widget as often. Some users remove it because they want to keep their home free screen for wallpaper or other app icons.

However, if you accidentally deleted the Google Search widget from your home screen, you can also restore the missing widget to your home screen. Below we will show how to reset google search bar on your android device so you can use quick search feature from the Google app on your Android device. We all use Google several times a day. A small question appears up in our mind, and we are already searching on Google. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to open our browser every time we want something on Google? With the Google widget for iPhone and Android, you can do just that. Google widget adds a search bar directly to your home screen, so you don’t have to swerve every time for a simple Google search.

How to Customize Google widget on Android

  • There are two ways to access the option to customize the Google widget. You can open the Google app or tap the G on the widget.
  • Once you’re in, tap the three dots in the bottom right corner and choose Customize Widget.
  • If you tap on the G, the widget will only show the G or the word Google in the lower left corner. It is also possible to change the shape of the widget. You can choose between a rectangle, rounded corners or an oval shape.
  • You can also use the slider to change the shading of the bar, making it transparent, solid, or somewhere in between. There is also an option to change the colors of Google letters. The last option on the right allows you to create your own colors if you are not satisfied with the options listed.
  • If you change your mind and want to go back to the default settings, there is an option for that at the bottom. You won’t find a long list of options for customizing the Google widget, but at least you can do something about its appearance.
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