How to Customize Interests on Twitter

How to Customize Interests on Twitter

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How to Customize Interests on Twitter – Guide

Twitter officially introduced the ability to see (and customize) your interests in May, but the feature gained a lot of attention this week as people started sharing their interests online. If you’ve ever wondered what Twitter knows (or thinks it knows) about you based on your online activity, now you can easily find out. There is a special dossier of “inferred interests” that Twitter creates for each user of the social network.

These personalized lists are Twitter’s best guesses about your preferences, from favorite shows to sports and seemingly random stuff. The “inferred interests” data was made available to users more than a year ago, but for some reason the feature resurfaced on Twitter this week. Users have tweeted their personalized interest lists, which include topics such as news, science, and football.

“These are some of the interests assigned to you based on your profile and activity and are used to personalize your experience, including advertisements,” Twitter says of its inferred interests. “You can adjust them if you don’t like something.” Below are the steps how to customize interests on Twitter.

How to Customize interests on Twitter

  • This can only be done through the browser. Select More from the left panel of the Twitter home screen.
  • Select Settings and Privacy.
  • Select Privacy & Security.
  • Select Content you see.
  • Here you will see topics and interests. Select Topics.
  • You can select topics that interest you and Twitter will show you content related to those topics in your feed.
  • On the previous screen, select Interests.
  • You’ll see a list of interests that Twitter has chosen for you based on your profile, activity, and topics you follow.
  • Uncheck any interests you would not like to see in your feed.
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