How to Delete Applications on Windows 11

How to Delete Applications on Windows 11

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How to Delete Applications on Windows 11 – Guide

Windows 11 has been released to the public and this new long-running OS update seems to be getting rave reviews. Microsoft has increased privacy, security has added a new UI and the ability to install Android apps on Windows 11. But, as usual, Windows comes with a lot of things pre-installed that are irrelevant to almost every user.

What if you bought a pre-built system or a laptop, then it is likely that there is additional advertising software installed on your system that you want to remove. You can easily remove and uninstall most Windows applications with a simple click; however, things get a bit complicated when you access programs, Windows Store apps, Windows updates, and system apps. Don’t be afraid, you can follow our guides below to remove all kinds of apps from your Windows system regardless of current settings. Let’s start.

Uninstall apps via the start menu

One of the easiest ways to get rid of a Windows 11 application is through the Start menu. Click Start button and look for the icon of the application you want to uninstall. The app should be easy to find if it’s pinned to the home screen. Right-click the application icon and click Uninstall.

If you’re uninstalling an app from the Microsoft Store, you’ll see a message confirming that you want to remove it. Click Uninstall button.

The app will be uninstalled in the background and when finished, the app icon will disappear from the Start menu. That’s it. The app is uninstalled and there is nothing else you need to do.

Uninstall apps through settings

You can also go directly to Settings app to uninstall apps. Click Start button and click Settings. Alternatively, use the Windows keyboard shortcut key + I to open the settings directly.

Once Settings are open, click Apps in the left column. Then click on Apps and Features from the list on the right.

Now scroll down to the “Application List” section. There you can search for the app to be uninstalled or scroll down and find the one you want to remove. Then click Options button (three dots) to the left of the app and click Uninstall.

Then click Uninstall button when the verification message arrives up.

Then follow any instructions or instructions that come up for the app to be uninstalled. Again, apps from the Microsoft Store will just be removed – you’ll see a brief progress bar while it’s uninstalled. But Win32 apps will bring up the classic uninstall warnings you’ve seen over the years. As in the example below, I am uninstalling the Foobar2000 desktop music app.

Uninstall apps via control panel

You can even use Control Panel to uninstall Win32 desktop apps. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type: cpl and click on the top result under “Best match”.

Then click on Programs and Features.

Uninstalling Control Panel apps works as in Windows 10. Right-click the app you want to remove and select Uninstall. You can also search for apps using the Search box in the upper right corner.

another often forgotten feature is resizing app icons. Click the More Options drop-down menu and use the slider to adjust the size of the apps for you.

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