How To Delete Or Restore a YouTube Video

How To Delete Or Restore a YouTube Video

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How To Delete Or Restore a YouTube Video – Guide

If you are an experienced YouTuber, you must know many “hacks” that can make your life easier when creating, uploading or updating content. But in many situations, you might have an urgent need to delete your videos, playlists or even an entire YouTube channel because you made the video without much thought and you want to replace it with a better version. This is also useful when it comes to copyright issues.

So, here we will show you simple steps you can take to get rid of video giant content. In this article, you will not only learn how to delete a YouTube video or an entire account, but also how to report a copyright infringement to YouTube if someone else’s content was obviously stolen from yours and you want to get rid of it. Below are the steps to delete or restore a YouTube video.

How to delete or restore a YouTube video

How to Delete YouTube videos on desktop

As you would expect, you can only remove YouTube videos that you have previously uploaded. Fortunately, the site makes it easy.

  • To get started on your desktop or laptop, visit YouTube and click your profile icon in the top right corner. If you are not logged in, do so now. Otherwise, select YouTube Studio to enter your YouTube channel management panel.
  • Select Videos on the left side to see everything you’ve uploaded to YouTube. By default, they will be displayed by upload date, starting with the most recent video.
  • Hover over the video you want to delete and click on the three dots button that shows. This will show you more options. In the list of new options, click Permanently delete.
  • If you want to delete multiple videos at once, use the checkboxes on the left side to select them. When you’re done, click More actions on the top bar and choose Permanently delete.
  • You will then have to check a box confirming that you understand that this permanently deletes the video(s) with no recovery option. After selecting this, click Delete forever if you are sure.
  • How to Delete a YouTube video in Mobile

    Prefer to delete one of your YouTube videos on your phone or tablet instead? It’s also simple to use a mobile device.

  • First, open the YouTube app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. At the Home tab, tap your profile picture in the top right corner. If you are not already logged into your account with the app, log in now.
  • Then select Your channel from the list of options. Once your channel page is displayed, go to the Videos tab using the list at the top.
  • Find the video you want to delete and tap the three-dot menu button next to. From the list of options displayed, choose Delete and confirm your choice.
  • The YouTube mobile app is pretty limited, so you can’t do much more than that. If you want better management tools for your videos on mobile, take a look at the YouTube Studio app for Android or iOS. This offers many of the same options available in YouTube Studio for desktop.
  • You can recover deleted YouTube videos

  • YouTube does not allow you to recover deleted videos. If you change your mind immediately after deleting a video, try contacting YouTube support and asking them to restore it, but this is a remote chance. We recommend keeping a local copy of all videos uploaded to YouTube so that you have a backup in case you change your mind later.
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