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Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies

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Guide: How to Delete Replies on Tumblr

When Tumblr recovered its answers feature back, the entire blogosphere – well, at least us Tumblr nerds – heaved a sigh of relief. We really thought Yahoo took it out for good, didn’t we?

however, the feature is not without its drawbacks. Taking criticism can be a tough pill to swallow, not to mention the various vulgar and inflammatory attacks that can result from gung-ho Tumblr users. But there is no option to it feature should the opportunity arise, which is kind of stupid.

With Tumblr, you can at least manage who can comment on your posts to some extent. Although that’s not as good as disabling it completely feature, it still offers a tremendous amount of flexibility. And even if things get out of hand, you have the option to immediately delete unwanted replies.

So let’s take a look at the various response management settings available to you and how to access them from the desktop or the Tumblr mobile apps.

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Your answer settings

Tumblr offers up three different settings that you can use to control exactly who can reply to your messages. While these options are pretty much self-explanatory, they work slightly differently between primary and secondary blogs.

So before we move on to where these settings actually reside, let’s briefly discuss what each does for you.

Anyone can answer – The default Tumblr setting that is most inclusive, which just about anyone with a Tumblr account can reply to – unless, of course, you’ve blocked them.

However, if your Tumblr blog is marked NSFW, Tumblr users with the Safe Mode setting turned on won’t be able to reply to your posts because they can’t see them in the first place!

Tumblrs you follow and Tumblrs you follow for a week can reply – A fairly inclusive setting where all Tumblrs you follow, as well as other Tumblr users who have followed you for at least a week, can comment on your posts.

However, that only applies to your primary blog. If you choose this setting for a secondary blog, only active blog members or Tumblr users who have followed the blog for at least a week can respond.

Very understandable as secondary blogs cannot follow other blogs.

Important: To mobile, this institution reports ‘two weeks’ or ‘one week’. It’s just a minor mistake, so don’t pay special attention to it.

Only Tumblrs you follow can reply – The least inclusive setting that will keep all your followers from responding to posts. Only Tumblrs you actively follow can stand a chance to reply.

If it’s a secondary blog, only members can reply, which means that pretty much all Tumblr replies will be disabled.

Note: For secondary blogs that are password protected, the reply settings cannot be changed – it is fixed where only members can reply.

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Where they are

Reply management settings are not universal, so you must apply them separately for all Tumblr blogs you own. Remember, they work slightly differently between your primary blog and other secondary Tumblrs.

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Step 1: Click the account icon, then select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Tumblr Management Delete Relplies 1

Step 2: Select the blog for which you want to change the default reply rights.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 2

Step 3: Use the drop-down menu next to Reply and select the correct permission setting.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 3

A green colored saved message should appear up briefly on the screen to indicate that your setting has been saved successfully.

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Step 1: Click the account icon on the dashboard. Then click on the gear-shaped settings icon.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 4

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 5

Step 2: Click General Settings and then click Reply.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 6

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 7

Step 3: Tap the Anyone Can Reply option under the username of the specific blog you want to manage.

Then just use the radio buttons next to one of the available response management settings to make the required changes.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 8

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 9

You are ready to go.

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Step 1: Click the account icon and then select a blog – it doesn’t matter what you select now as you can choose a specific blog later.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 10

Step 2: Click the gear-shaped settings icon, then select General Settings.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 11

Step 3: Click on Reply.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 12

Step 4: Tap Anyone can reply under the blog you want to edit.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 13

Step 5: Select an appropriate setting for reply rights. A check mark should indicate that you have selected the one you want.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 14Note: The settings are synchronized across platforms, so you don’t have to repeat the procedure on desktop and mobile

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Delete unwanted answers

Even after making some serious tweaks to your response management settings, you can’t expect the best responses from everyone. If someone posts an answer that is too rude or inflammatory, you can delete it in an instant. Let’s see how.

Note: You can only delete replies to your original messages. If you blog someone else’s post, you cannot delete any comments you receive later.

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Step 1: Place your cursor on the offending answer, then click the ellipse icon – the three dots – that appears up

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 15

Step 2: Click Delete Answer in the context menu.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 16

That was fast, wasn’t it?

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Tap and hold a reply, then tap Delete reply in the pop-up window.up menu to delete the answer ASAP.

Tumblr Manage Delete Relplies 17Tip If a user repeatedly tries to spam your messages with unwanted messages, use the Block option to ban him or her outright.

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Feels good, doesn’t it?

While the answers feature is great when it comes to visitor engagement, satisfying everyone is next to impossible.

Fortunately, you have a ton of settings to moderate things, plus the familiar delete and block options to deal with tricky situations.

Or consider turning off your activity status to prevent certain users from competing for your attention!

So are these options enough? Do you think Tumblr should add more management options? We’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment.

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