How to Design Datalist That’s Easily Searchable

Initial datalist

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Guide: How to Design Datalist That’s Easily Searchable

Dropdown lists are a useful way to do this offer options for an input field, especially if the list of options available is long. A user can choose the desired option type in the field, or view the options that can be a match for what they are looking for. Search the possibilitiesis the ideal solution.

This behavior can be achieved with the HTML element that displays input suggestions for various controls, such as the tag. however, only shows the available options when the user has them already typed something in the input field.

We can make an input field more useful if we allow users to do so access the full list of options at any time during the entry process.

In this post we are going to see how to make a drop-down list that can be searched at any time using the HTML elements tag is the same as the id of the tag – this is how we tie them together.

2. Make the datalist visible

By default it is HTML element hiddenWe can only see it when we start typing an entry in the field that the datalist is associated with.

However, there is a way to ‘force’ the data list’s content (i.e. all its options) to appear on the web pageWe just need to give it a suitable value for the display property other than no, for example display: block;.

datalist {display: block;}

The options displayed are not yet selectable currently only the browser displays the options it finds in the datalist.

Visible datalistDatalist made visible

As mentioned earlier, due to the built-in behavior of the -element, some of the options already appear and can be selected, but only when the user starts typing a string that the browser can use find a matching option

Visible datalist with suggestionsVisible datalist with suggestions

We also need to find a mechanism to make all the options (shown in the screenshot above under the datalist dropdown) selectable Bee any other point of the entry process – when users want to view the options before typing, or while they have already entered something in the input field.

Bring it HTML element

We choose the second method because it is simpler and can be used as a fallback mechanism in browsers that use the element. If a browser can’t display and display the datalist, it’s does it matter HTML tag, the code looks like this:

To view all options from select in the drop-down list, we need to use the attributes multiple to display more than one option, and size for the number of options we want to show.

Select with the multiple attributeAdd the multiple attribute to the tag, so that when the user selects an option from the drop-down list, its value also appears in the field is displayed.

/ * when the user selects an option from DDL, write it in the text field * / select.addEventListener (‘change’, fill_input); function fill_input () {input.value = options[this.selectedIndex].value; hide_select ();}


The main drawback of this technique is the absence of a direct way to it element with CSS (the appearance of the tags and