How to Design Posters and Images Online using Canva

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This article is about How to Design Posters and Images Online using Canva. So read this free guide, How to Design Posters and Images Online using Canva step by step. If you have query related to same article you may contact us. So Lets begin this guide:

Guide: How to Design Posters and Images Online using Canva

The internet offers you many tools to solve your problems. It is really good at that. Every year we discover that we can do things that only a “pro” could do before. Do you want to publish a nice blog post? There is medium. How about collaborating with others over the internet? There is Google Drive. This year’s big thing is going to be Canva, I believe.

What is Canva, you ask? It’s like Photoshop, but free, on the web, and incredibly easy to use. Of course not really Photoshop but it lowers the barrier to entry for the most common features

Canva is designed to create fast and awesome shareable messages that integrate images with text in an interesting way. Buy a background or choose something pre-made from Canva, add text, edit it, make it beautiful, and it’s ready to be shared with the world. Canva already has templates with the correct resolutions for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram posts. You can also choose a presentation slide or set the resolution yourself.

Screen shot 02 08 At 8 23 52 h Result

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What can you use it for?

By heart:

  • Make a great Facebook page cover
  • Thumbnail images for your YouTube videos
  • Cards for every occasion
  • They even have built-in templates for things like eBook covers and business cards
  • Beautifully combine text and images to create posters or shareable images, promote articles and more
  • Do you like the image of another Canva user? Click on the Remix button to build on top

There’s a lot you can do with Canva and if you’re looking for inspiration check out Canva’s Stream of stuff made by other great people (you must be logged in). Canva is available on the web and there is also an iPad app.

But I say the best way to learn is to do. So sign up for a free account, choose a template (let’s start with the presentation slide) and meet me in the next step. To start, let’s create a cliché motivational poster with a blurred scenic background and overlapping text. A classic.

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Step 1: Import or search for a background

Screen shot 02 08 at 04 04 17 hrs Result

Canva has a large library of background images, shapes, solid colors, icons, arrows and glyphs (over a million). Just search for a keyword and you will find something. Some elements are free, others are paid (usually $ 1). If you can’t find anything in the free tier, download a royalty-free image from one of these stock image sites (Canva itself also has a list of 74 more such sites).

Screen shot 02 10 At 12 54 09 hrs Result 1

Click Background in the sidebar and choose one or upload an image from the Uploads tab. Once the image has been uploaded, it will be saved to your Canva account. Now drag the uploaded image from the sidebar to the image editing panel.

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Step 2: Edit the background image

Now you will see the image is highlighted and you will see four end points on each edge. Click and drag it to resize or rotate the image. When the image is active, you will see a pop-up. This will apply to all elements.

Transparency result

Falsifying creativity: Let’s face it, you’re not a great designer. You don’t give a flying fig about kerning. However, you want to make something beautiful. So pretend. Or steal it. Canva itself promotes this philosophy. You can grab a lot of ready-made templates from the Layouttab. Canva also has a remix button where you can post a publicly shared Canva post, import it to your account, edit it and build on it. The point here is to quickly create something great that you would normally have to pay someone else for. Do you see that image at the top of the post? Remixed from an image I saw on the Canva blog.

Pro editing result

Here a doll showsup options to delete images, bring the image to the front or back, copy or select a color if it is a solid background.

The filter option brings Canva even closer to the Photoshop category. Not only can you apply preconfigured filters, you can also go to Advanced and play with options such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and more.

There is also a blur and vignette effect. If you plan to add text over the image, choose those options to make the text stand out.

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Step 3: Add text

Text is a big part of the whole shareable image phenomenon. And Canva makes it really easy. Go to the Text tab and you’ll see cool looking presets waiting for you. Just drag one onto the image, select the text, edit it, and that could be it.

Screen shot 02 09 at 12 42 25 h Result

Or you can choose any text field and get options to change the font, font color, transparency, capitalization, alignment and much more.

To make the text stand out, search for a shape, drag it to the text field, push it back, and reduce transparency after selecting a neutral color.

You can also combine two background images in this way to create a texture effect.

Screen shot 02 10 At 12 54 22 h Result 1

If you don’t want to use the presets, you can just drag in the text boxes you see at the top of the sidebar.

And you don’t have to stop at texting. Add arrows, quotes, lines, shapes and more to bring out the character of your image.

Make a copy: When playing in Canva you want to experiment with different layouts and styles. Use the copy button on the right side of the image to make a copy of the current version of the file. This way it will be easier to compare later on.

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Step 3: Share, Download, do more

Your photo is ready. But it is never really finished. You can do a lot more with Canva. In fact, people who are much more experienced in this art form have written about it as Canva has its own Design School. I suggest you check it out. I’ve been spending some time there lately and learned quite a bit about typography already.

What we took above was just a basic image. But it only took a few minutes to create it on the Internet, and for free. We’ve also done it without any prior training in professional photo editing software.

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How will you use it?

2Case in point: A quick little social media sharing image I took for the review of Poetic Slimline Case for iPad mini with Canva.

What new and great ways are you planning to use Canva? Share with us in the comments below.

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Tutorial summary of How to Design Posters and Images Online using Canva

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What are the supported Device?

PC Laptop or Desktop

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