How To Detect Hidden Spy Camera with an Android Phone

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Hidden Spy camera

If you suspect that you are being watched by a hidden camera somewhere in your home or private space, your Android phone is a useful tool for detecting certain types of surveillance devices. Although not waterproof, it is possible to use your Android phone’s camera and magnetometer sensor to detect hidden cameras and microphones or other listening devices.

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Guide: How To Detect a Hidden Spy Camera with an Android Phone

Given the day and age we live in, it should be under some form of surveillance with the territory. However, there is a big difference between the security cameras that the authorities place in public locations and those that are hidden camera’s in your home, a hotel room, and so on. The former is a necessity in today’s society, but the latter is illegal and a massive invasion of your privacy. As such, it is imperative that you take action if you have reasonable reason to suspect that someone may have posted a hidden spy camera in your neighborhood.

You can find different types of specialized equipment that you can use to hide cameras to detect. These tools include different types of sensors, scanners, and so on. And while these give the best results, you can surprisingly find spy cameras using nothing but your Android phone and an app.

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How can an app be a hidden Camera?

There is no shortage of camera detection apps on Google Play. And while you have many choices in this regard, they generally offer the same two ways to find spy cameras.

Detect electromagnetic fields

When operational, electronic devices will create small electromagnetic fields, including hidden ones’ camera. So what these apps do is one of the sensors in your phone to ‘smell’ this kind of radiation. Specifically, they use the magnetic sensor (also known as the magnetometer).

For this method to work, your phone needs this sensor. Not all models do this, but it is quite common (this is what a phone to have the compass feature, for example).

Provided your phone has a magnetometer, you just need the phone close to any object that you suspect is a hidden one camera, and the app will let you know if there is any magnetic activity to confirm your doubts.

Detect infrared lights

Many hidden cameras use infrared lamps, and your phone can help you see this (infrared lights are invisible to the naked eye). Interestingly, you don’t actually need a dedicated app for this – your default one camera can detect infrared lamps itself. To see for yourself, look at a TV’s remote control through your phone’s camera while pressing a button.

But what these apps will do is apply a filter and certain effects to make it easier to spot sources of infrared light.

This method is probably less reliable than the previous one, but it does have an advantage: it only has your phone’s camera to work. Since it doesn’t require any sensors, any Android phone will do this. Still, you must use these methods in combination to get the best results.

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The apps

We’ve explained how these apps work, so now is the time to provide concrete examples. In particular, we’ll take a look at two popular camera detection apps.

Hidden Camera Detector

This is one of the leading apps of this nature, and its features include both of the methods we’ve covered.

When you scan your surroundings with the magnetometer, you will see a display with the detected magnetic activity. As said it’s not the only device working this way, so the app detects other hardware too. But when it detects magnetic activity similar to that of a camera, it will beep and produce a visual signal.

This is your signal that the object in question is suspicious and that you should carefully examine and search for its camera lenses.

Hidden Camera Detector also has the infrared functionality we mentioned. It applies a green filter that makes it easier to create such a camera recognizable.

Spy Camera Detector and locator

This is the other app we’ll mention, but we’ll get into it just briefly. This is not because it deserves less attention, but because it functions almost identical to the previous one.

You have the same two detection methods and an interface that is very similar. Ultimately, the choice between them usually depends on personal preference, and maybe one of them might work better for your particular situation phone – you can try them both to find out.

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A note about the magnetometer

As mentioned, your phone needs a magnetic sensor for these apps to work fully. But not all phone with a magnetometer it will have the exact same spot. To get the best readings, you need to determine exactly where the sensor is.

Take another one for this camera (you can probably find another one phone lying around) and turn it on. Then launch the detection app of your choice and enable the radiation sensor. Bring your phone to the camera, and you’ll notice which part of it gives the strongest response in the app – that’s where the magnetic sensor is.

Then when you are ready to go to Hidden cameras looking, you know which part of your phone use.

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Protect your privacy

Advances in technology have made spy cameras not only small and easy to conceal, but they have also been made widely accessible. This means that almost anyone can get their hands on one, greatly increasing the chances that you are indeed under surveillance. There is no need to panic, but it doesn’t hurt to take some precautions if you have reason to suspect something. And thanks to your Android phone, you can easily stay ahead.

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Tutorial summary of How To Detect a Hidden Spy Camera with an Android Phone

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