How to disable Tab Groups in Chrome on Android?

How to disable Tab Groups in Chrome on Android?

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How to disable Tab Groups in Chrome on Android? – Guide

There appears to be a recent server-side update to the Google Chrome browser for Android, after which the tab view has completely changed for many. Previously, tabs used to appear in a vertical cascading list of cards that spanned the entire length of the screen . This view only allowed one site to be viewed at a time. But after the upgrade, the tabs now appear in a grid layout, allowing multiple open sites to be viewed at once without being obscured. This change also opens up an avenue to support groups of guides – something that was not possible before. Tab groups facilitate smoother workflow as tabs can now be arranged into small, organized assortments.

This is especially useful for advanced users who keep dozens of tabs open at the same time. With the change, it will be much easier to find them if there are a large number open at once. However, the upgrade also has some drawbacks. One-handed use has become a little more difficult as the guides are now placed at the top of the screen instead of being aligned in the center. Also, there are many who just don’t like the look of the grid layout. And while it’s debatable whether the changes are for the better or for the worse, it’s pretty clear that most have already done up their minds. There were many complaints from angry users asking for the update to be rolled back. Many are also asking for a way to disable tab groups and grid layout in Chrome.

How to turn off tab groups and grid view in Chrome for Android

  • Open Chrome for Android.
  • Model chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-grid-layout in the address bar and press To type.
  • you should see a Tab grid layout setting highlighted in yellow. Select the dropdown menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Disabled.
  • hit the relaunch button at the bottom of the page to restart Chrome.
  • You must see one more time vertical tab management in Chrome.
  • What you need to know about the bottom tab bar

    By the way, one of the new additions with this change is the tab bar at the bottom. The bar makes it easy to switch between tabs, and whenever you open a link, you’ll see the corresponding favicon for that show on the site. up on the bottom bar. The highlighted tab has a halo around it and you get a X button that lets you close that tab. The tab bar is an exciting addition – it’s been around in Chrome for Android for a long time – and makes tab management seamless in Chrome for Android.

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