How to Download and Read Websites Offline

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Hello friends today we gonna learn about How to Download and Read Websites Offline. So read this article, How to Download and Read Websites Offline step by step so you may understand it in a better way. If you have query related to same article you may contact us. So Lets begin:

Guide: How to Download and Read Websites Offline

The Internet may be a blessing, but like any other blessing, it is not available to everyone or always. There are many places where there is no wifi or internet connection. But what if you want to access a particular website in a zone without internet? Don’t worry my friend because there are many ways you can access your favorite websites offline.

Below I have listed a number of them ways to download and browse web pages offline on all your devices. Or you want download a single web page or an entire website, write the following up will guide you through the process. So let’s dig right into it.

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1. Download specific web pages

If you just want it download specific web pages to view them later, your browser can easily do it for you. It can download the whole page with all its components and lets you browse it offline again in the browser

On PCs

On Windows, Mac and Linux, just press Ctrl + S keys on your keyboard while using a browser to up the “Save page” dialog box and simply save the page in your preferred directory. A HTML file and folder with all data is saved. You can open the HTML file to open the saved web page in your browser without the need for an internet connection

On smartphones

Reading a website offline is an option that comes with both Chrome for Android and iOS Chrome mobile app.

In Chrome for Android, open the page you want to keep for offline viewing and tap on the main menu button in the upper right corner. Tap it here “To download” icon and it page is being downloaded to your device. You can open it to view the web page in your default browser.

download web page

In Chrome for iOS it is Read list feature lets you save web pages which can be read at a later time. For that you have to go to it Share Sheet menu and tap the “Read Later” option. All articles that are saved can be easily accessed through the Reading list option found in Chrome’s “Settings” menu

iOS users can also use Safaris Read list feature to save web page content for watch later and sync with other devices too

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2. Enable offline mode in Chrome and Firefox

Chrome and Firefox come with an offline mode with which you can load a page from browser cache in case you don’t have an internet connection. When you enable this mode, the browser allows you to load web pages from the cache. So you can basically open any web page offline that you previously opened

Note: Do not clear the internet cache if you want to keep the web pages in the cache for offline use.

Enable offline mode in Chrome

In Chrome, type chrome: // flags and look for a flag with the name Show saved copy ButtonClick on the drop-down menu below and select “Enable: Primary”Now restart the browser to implement the changes.

Chrome offline

anytime you want offline visit a page you have previously visited, you will see “Show saved copy” buttonClick on it to load the web page offline. I will recommend that to you too bookmark the important web pages for easy access

Enable offline mode in Firefox

In Firefox, click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner and then click it “Developer” option here.

firefox options

A list is displayed up making click on the “Work Offline” option to enable it. Now, even if you do have an internet connection, Firefox is offline and you can do it on your own access to the websites that are already in the cache

firefox offline

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3. Use iTracks (for Windows, Linux and Android)

ITracks is a popular one tool to download complete data from a website and open offline. It is an open source tool available for Windows, Linux and Android platforms. It will download the whole website by going from link to link, so it is also able to format the archive as if you were browsing the website online.

Although iTracks is highly customizable but it has a simple wizard to let novice users simply download website dataHere is how to use it:

Install and run iTracks and click on it “The next” button to start the wizard. You will be asked to provide a name for the project you want to create. This name will help you identify the data when you want to access it it later, so make sure it’s relevant.


On the next page, click on it “Add URL” button and enter the URL from the website you want to download. You can also add multiple websites if you wish download the data from more than one website

There also is a“Set options” button where you can find some really useful customization optionsHowever, before you start messing around with the options, you should read the iTracks manual.

Just click now “The next” and then “Finish” to start downloading the website data.

Enter URL

The process can be time consuming depending on how big the website isIn fact, it can take days to download a website the size of On top of that, this data can easily take up GB of space on your hard drive, so make sure you have enough space. Once downloaded, you can open the project to start browsing the website in your default browser

download website

Tip HTTPracks starts downloading data for the latest updates and deteriorates. If you just want the latest data and not the whole website, then cancel the download process if you are sure that the necessary data has been downloadedEven if the download process is canceled, you can still access the data that has already been downloaded.

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4. Use SiteSucker (for Mac OS X and iOS)

SiteSucker is great alternative to iTracks for Mac OS X and iOS users. It works similar to Athracks and downloads websites as a whole by jumping from link to link. You can also pause downloads in the middle to get the downloaded web pages and resume whenever you want.


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5. Browser extensions to read websites offline

There are a few browser extensions that allow you to download website data and watch it offline. Below are some extensions for Chrome and Firefox that you may find interesting:

PageArchiver (for Chrome)

PageArchiver allows you to save multiple web pages and access them from the interface. You can download any web pages currently open in your browserJust open the pages you need and download them with PageArchiver.

ScrapBook (for Firefox)

With ScrapBook you can download a single web page or an entire websiteIt also organizes the downloaded content in its interface and a handy search bar makes searching easy for the right content.

Mozilla Archive Format (for Firefox)

This add-on is in fact a better version of the built-in tool for saving web pagesIt ensures that the page is saved as precisely as it is and compresses the file to reduce disk space usage. Moreover, it is too downloads all audio and video files on the web pages.

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6. Use Pocket to read the article offline

like you only wants to download articles online to read later, Pocket might be a good option. It has compatible extensions for all popular browsers that you can use to store articles and other supported content.

The articles are cleaned first of all junk like ads, recommendations and widgets etc and then stored in Pocket cloud storage.


Then all articles are synced across all your devices with pocket installed and made available for offline viewing.

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Round Up

To save individual web pages, the built-in save feature of the browser is more than enough. While a good extension can certainly make things cleaner if you use must save web pages often

And of course for downloading the entire websites, ITracks and SiteSicker are the best options. If you know of other tools to save websites for offline viewing, share them with us in the comments below.

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