How to Download GitHub CLI on Linux

How to Download GitHub CLI on Linux

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How to Download GitHub CLI on Linux – Guide

GitHub is widely popular among developers for hosting open source repositories for software development and version control. As a developer-centric service, GitHub has also published a command-line tool for enthusiasts to bring GitHub straight to their terminals. Launched nearly a year ago, GitHub CLI has quickly become one of the most used command line tools, allowing you to perform all the main operations you can do with the web graphical user interface without having to leave your Linux terminal.

Learn how to Download GitHub CLI on your Linux machine.

See how you can download GitHub CLI on a Linux machine to manage your terminal GitHub repositories and profile.

Installing GitHub CLI on Linux

While GitHub also offers a desktop application along with the typical web UI, choosing the terminal over the GUI can help you avoid context switching when writing and executing your code. The installation process for GitHub CLI is similar to other Linux terminal based tools.

Depending on the Linux distribution you are using, run the commands below in the terminal emulator of your choice:

As a software developer, Git and GitHub play an integral role in version control of your code base. With the GitHub CLI, you can perform various operations, such as cloning a repository, faster with just a few simple commands.

Speaking of repository cloning, you can also use Git Bash to perform your Git operations from the command line.

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