How to Edit Home Screen Pages in iPhone

How to Edit Home Screen Pages in iPhone

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How to Edit Home Screen Pages in iPhone – Guide

Apple’s future mobile operating system, iOS 15, comes with a number of new features this will increase your productivity while improving the look of your iPhone. The latest iOS allows you to make quick adjustments to your Home Screen, allowing you to reorganize and remove pages from your Home Make the screen anytime.

iOS 15: How to To edit Home screen pages

In addition to the customization options that are already available, you can now edit yours. Home Screen so that you can rearrange pages, hide / show some pages of your home screen and delete an entire page.

To start editing your home screen on iOS 15, tap and hold an empty space on your Home Screen.

When your Home The screen enters jiggle mode, tap the dot line at the bottom of the screen.

Now you should see all the home screens appear in grid format.

1. Organize the pages in home screen

To organize the pages your way, hold and drag on one of your pages. Home Screen to the desired location. If there are a bunch of pages you want to appear first, drag them to the first line and move the rest of the pages under that line.

You can repeat this to organize different pages of your home screen the way you want.

After making all the necessary changes on this screen, tap ‘Done’ in the upper right corner.

Your home the screen will now appear the way you configured it.

2. Hide/Show a page of your home screen

iOS allows you to hide one or more pages of your home screen temporarily so that it remains hidden and inaccessible for some time.

When you access your home In grid format screens, you can hide some of the pages you may have created on it by tapping the checkmark at the bottom of the page thumbnail to deselect it. After making all the necessary changes on this screen, tap ‘Done’ in the upper right corner.

You can do this for other pages that you don’t want to see for a while, without having to delete their content.

3. Remove a page from your home screen

If you no longer wish to access a page of yours home screen and want to delete it entirely from iOS, you can remove it. Apple only allows you to remove inactive pages from your home screen – that is, the pages you’ve already hidden on iOS.

To remove a page from your home screen, first hide it and then tap the ‘-‘ icon in the upper left corner of the page you want to remove.

You will now be asked to confirm whether you want to remove the selected canvas. Tap ‘Remove’ to continue.

The selected page will now be completely removed from your iPhone home screen.

How to Move Spotlight apps to Home Screen

iOS 15 also offers the ability to move apps directly from Spotlight to yours. Home Screen, which means you no longer need to access the app library every time you want to add apps to yours. Home Screen.

You can create a custom home screen pages for different focus modes?

Apple’s new Focus option has been a big talk feature on iOS 15 because it changes the way you use the Do Not Disturb function on the iPhone. In addition to letting you create a bunch of routines based on your required state, the latest version of iOS allows you to set a pattern Home Screen so that only a specific page or set of pages appears when a Focus is activated.

That means you will have home screens when you switch between different routines in Focus.

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