How to Edit Screen Resolution on Chromebook

How to Edit Screen Resolution on Chromebook

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How to Edit Screen Resolution on Chromebook – Guide

Chromebook is a laptop based on Linux Kernal running Chrome OS. In 2011, Google launched its laptop with its own operating system and the following year it also launched its desktop version called Chromebox. The Chromebook mainly focuses on fast processing and browsing. This laptop It’s perfect for heavy users and gamers. Basically, the Chromebook comes with some default resolution settings. The latest Chromebook comes with ultra-high definition and Quad HD displays.

To experience the reality of laptop, change the resolution as needed. Changing the resolution maximizes screen space and helps you see more at once. Screen resolution is very important to run and view programs smoothly on a computer. There are several games and apps that require low or high screen resolution to run smoothly.

Often, adjusting the screen resolution fixes a lot of ads and other related issues on a device. Google Chromebook laptop allows users to easily change display settings including screen resolution. if you are wondering how to change the screen resolution on a Chromebook, this guide and to you.

How to Edit Screen Resolution on Chromebook

once you know how to change this setting, you can maximize your screen space. Increase the resolution size to see more at once, or reduce it to make the text larger and easier to read.

  • Click on the time, Wi-Fi, power and avatar icon box in the bottom corner. But not the notification count box.
  • Select the Settings icon.
  • Type Display in the search field.
  • Click Views.
  • Drag the slider left or right. Moving it to the left decreases the resolution and dragging it to the right increases the resolution.
  • Steps to Change Chromebook Screen Resolution Using Keyboard Shortcuts

    The above process is the standard way to change the screen resolution not only on Chromebook but on all computers as well. Unlike other computers, there is one more way to change screen resolution on Chromebook laptop. You can use some simple keyboard shortcuts to decrease or increase the screen resolution on your Chromebook. Here are those keyboard shortcuts and ways to use them.

  • These keyboard shortcuts are simple and easy to understand; you just need to press ‘Ctrl + Shift and — or +’ button.
  • To decrease screen resolution, press ‘Ctrl + Shift and -‘ buttons together.
  • And to increase the screen resolution of your Chromebook, press ‘Ctrl + Shift and +’ buttons together.
  • When adjusting the resolution with the keyboard shortcut, a message will appear at the bottom confirming that your Chromebook’s screen resolution has been changed.
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