How To Exit Fastboot Mode from Xiaomi Redmi

How To Exit Fastboot Mode from Xiaomi Redmi

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How To Exit Fastboot Mode from Xiaomi Redmi – Guide

Although fastboot mode from Xiaomi or MIUI phones it can be very useful for making ROM changes or solving computer problems, it also happens very often that the smartphone enters this mode without our wishing to do so. When that time comes, all we want is to leave Xiaomi’s Fastboot without the phone suffering some problem or losing our data, which we will teach you.

In some cases, exiting this mode is very quick, but in other cases the problem is logged because it takes us to the so-called main menu or recovery menu. So that you don’t have any problems with the process, we give you all the steps and solutions you can find to make your Xiaomi or Redmi phone it works correctly again and the next time it happens to you, there will be no doubts.

How to Exit Fastboot mode on Xiaomi Redmi

power switch

  • Make sure the key is pressed until the screen disappears. This can take about forty seconds.
  • The screen should have disappeared and your device should restart.
  • On/off key + volume keys

  • Make sure “Volume Down” is pressed together with the “Power” key.
  • Hold both keys simultaneously until the screen is no longer visible. O phone should restart automatically.
  • In some versions of Redmi Note 3, it may be necessary to press the “Volume” button Up”Instead of the“ Volume Down key”. So if the first option doesn’t work, use this one.
  • just releasing the power Button

  • Use the previous step (“Volume key” and “On / off” button) to exit Fastboot mode.
  • Wait when the Xiaomi logo disappears and a new screen starts to appear.
  • Once you see “Android is starting”, you will need to release the “Power” button button, ”But it still keeps the“ Volume Up/Low.” key.
  • The operating system should boot immediately.
  • Use a third-party application to exit Fastboot mode

    if you have a laptop it is a mobile phone USB data cable to connect your phone, you can exit Fastboot mode through third-party applications. For example, Android Multi Tools helps you to enter and exit Fastboot mode with your PC. It also helps you make sure you have all your data. mobile device are eliminated. This guarantees the phone the information is also verified.

  • Connect your device and your PC with the USB cable.
  • Download and extract Android Multi Tools.
  • Open the app.
  • Press “1” on the keyboard.
  • Press Enter.”
  • The “1. The “Check Device” command will run to ensure your device is connected.
  • Otherwise, reconnect the data cable.
  • If so, type “9” (Exit Fastboot Mode) and press Enter.
  • The program will execute the command on your device.
  • disconnect the phone.
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