How to Extend Sys­tem Par­ti­tion in Win­dows 10 PC

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Guide: How to Extend Sys­tem Par­ti­tion in Win­dows 10 PC

Normally, while expanding the partition during the Windows installation, we keep the storage space for the system partition at least close to 100 GB. But eventually the storage bar indicator turns red and you need more storage space on your drive. Well, you should probably know that the built-in disk management utility in Windows 10 does not allow you to expand your system drive. Although you have enough unallocated space, the Extend Partition option is grayed out.

Little brother to big brother.

Yes, you can expand the system partition manually by backing upup to make up the logical drives and delete them. And after that expand the system partition using the available space. But that is a tedious task and will take too much time. So here I want to show you how to easily extend system partition without backupup create or delete logical partitions.

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How to Extend the system partition using AOMEI Partition Assistant

The software we will be using here is called AOMEI Partition Assistant. Why this particular software, you ask? Well, I tried EaseUS Partition Master first, but it didn’t work on my Windows 10 machine. So I tried this software and it worked perfectly. You can also try out the EaseUS Partition master if you wish. But for this, AOMEI Partition Assistant is used guideAnd we absolutely recommend it.

Download and install the software. The software is packed with a lot features some are blocked behind the paywall. But the only one feature that we are going to use here is free. It’s called the Extend Partition Wizard.

System administrator Kitty

You can access this system partitioning guide in two ways. You can let the software shrink the logical drives for you. Or you can shrink a specific logical drive yourself and create unallocated space. If you want the wizard to choose a specific unallocated space, you need to access the second way. But if you want the wizard to automatically shrink the logical drives and transfer space to the system partition, choose the first way.

The second way uses only unallocated space. No shrinking process is applied. So the second way will be faster. If you have an SSD on your PC, you can choose the first way. It will speed up up the process and will shrink faster.

No idea about SSDs? Here’s a quick one guide on SSD and its types.

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Method-1: Choosing Logical Drives for Free Space (Auto Shrink)

Step 1: Open the software and click on Extend Partition Wizard.

Select Extend Partition Wizard

Step 2: In the new window you will get two options. Select Extend system partition. It is selected by default. Click Next.

Select Extend system partition

Step 3: The next dialog box provides the option for an automatic mode for expanding the partition. This automates the process of selecting the logical drives to shrink. Do not do that. Just click on Next. Now select the logical drives that you want to shrink here. (The drive from which you want to give some space to the system drive.) And click Next.

Select Partition to Shrink

Step 4: On the next screen, set the partition size for your system drive. You can drag to set the value or add the value manually. But not greater than the maximum partition value. Once selected, click Next.

Drag to set the system partition

Step 4: The next screen shows which disk storage is being taken from. If there is unallocated space with other disks, the wizard will occupy those unallocated spaces as well. Don’t worry, only the drive you selected will be shrunk. That too, only if necessary. If that disk has enough unallocated space, it will be used.

Click on Continue

So after the partitioning is done, you should get the following message.

process completed

Here I have added 20 GB to my system disk. Then I add another 20 GB using the second method by selecting the unallocated space.

I do not know how to shrink partitions? Here’s a quick one guide on how to use the Disk Management utility.

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Method 2: using unallocated space (manually shrinking)

As mentioned earlier, this method is a bit faster. The above method took me 18 minutes and this method took 14 minutes. The time depends entirely on your system configuration. The process is quite similar. You just need to click on a link shown in step 3 above. The link is at the bottom.

Select unallocated space link

Then you need to add the space you need for your system disk. Note that only unallocated space is made available for the system drive.

Allocate unallocated space to system drive

After that, follow the remaining steps shown in Method 1 and you are good to go. You have successfully expanded your system partition without any problems.

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Better native support is needed

Windows 10 has certainly brought a lot of great improvements. Also, the storage settings are now more reliable. But the disk management utility is still calling for an upgrade. But Microsoft will not hear the cry. Let us know in the comments if you have successfully extended your partition or not. If you have encountered any errors, please mention them. We are here to help.

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How to Extend Sys­tem Par­ti­tion in Win­dows 10 PC: benefits

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Tutorial summary of How to Extend Sys­tem Par­ti­tion in Win­dows 10 PC

In this guide, we told you about the How to Extend Sys­tem Par­ti­tion in Win­dows 10 PC; please read all steps so that you understand How to Extend Sys­tem Par­ti­tion in Win­dows 10 PC in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

How this tutorial helping you?

So in this guide, we discuss the How to Extend Sys­tem Par­ti­tion in Win­dows 10 PC, which undoubtedly helps you.

What is actual time in which this method complete?

The time to complete the How to Extend Sys­tem Par­ti­tion in Win­dows 10 PC tutorial is 10+ minutes.

What are the supported Device?

PC Laptop or Desktop

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