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Guide: How to Fight Spam: Tips and Tutorial

We all know how frustrating junk emails can be. She to hide up our email inbox and make us waste valuable time cleaning them upTo make matters worse, this spam does sometimes occur viruses or worms that mess up your system. But all this meant little to the scammed victims who actually believed in the fraudulent content and lost their money by paying for ‘ransom’ or ‘charity’.

Minimizing the amount of spam in your inbox is tantamount to creating it increasingly difficult for spammers to continue their work. This one not only benefits us, but also the internet community As a whole. Spamming becomes less attractive to them, reducing the total amount of spam, slowing down servers and cheating victims of their money.

Apart from one reliable spam filtering software or plug-in for your email client, there are a few more things we need to do to stop spam. Here are five simple ones tips to reduce spam.

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1. Do not opt ​​out of spam.

This is a smart tactic by spammers to find out whether email accounts are activeWe have all come across official newsletters or advertisements where we have the option to unsubscribe if we no longer want to receive emails from them. Just when we thought we had the choice to ‘unsubscribe’ from spam, the spammers take advantage of that to self-report whether our account is spam worthy

Then what should we do? Don’t answer them at allIf we suspect an email is spam rather than a legitimate one, delete the message or report it as spamIf we don’t respond to such spam, spammers will treat it as if the email account has not been used for a while and no one will read their spam. They are more likely to do that delete us from the spam list and we may not get any more of it.

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2. Don’t divulge your email

Maybe crash harvest emails on the net where they could find the addresses in the text. This includes forums, social media sites, websites, blogs, etc. One solution is: avoid posting your email address, but that can be quite annoying when you want people to contact you. Another solution is edit your email address in a way that these bots don’t recognize it and record it.

For the latter one simply has to use the from their email address as that’s what those bots look for when they search for emails. If you’ve ever wondered why some people put their email address in the format xxxxxx (at) xxxxx (dot) com, it is precisely because they want to avoid becoming a victim of spam. We can also create our email address appear as an image so these annoying bots can’t find out our address.

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3. Report spam

Minimizing the number of unsolicited emails in our inbox is a good thing, but why not make it great when we can reduce it for everyone else in the internet community? Just direct spam to a spam reporting site and they will do whatever it takes to stop the spammer from spamming someone else. In fact, such a site would report to the hosting company the email used by the spammer, where the hosting company would then stop these spammers.

SpamCop is one free spam reporting service which allows victims of spam to report spammers to their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and sometimes their web host. All we have to do is create an account with them and send reports to them in the way they specify. Do our part to help internet users like us and stop all inconveniences and damage to our computers!

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4. Use a clear e-mail account

One way to automatically channel your spam away from your inbox is to create a single email address that we only provide when we register online for all the products we buy or download. We will never know if these companies are selling a database of the email addresses they have collected to anyone else, including spammers.

In any case, this separate inbox will have all the ads and some not, which most of us wouldn’t want to see on a regular basis. The original email address you use every day can then be used for personal and business emails, minimizing (or sending out) the amount of spam.

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5. Disable HTML in email

For more sophisticated spam content can be written in HTML format and contain JavaScript programs that direct the user to an advertised page, successfully delivering what it was supposed to deliver: the spam content. The more problematic might even contain spam web bugs and install spyware unknowingly to the user’s computer system. Viruses can also be sent by such means.

Most email programs today offer Microsoft Outlook the option of disabling HTML upon receipt of such email messagesIt’s a good idea to do that as this would be the case prevent unauthorized installation or activation of programs through what is embedded in the HTML content. Once we see that the sender and plain text content appears suspicious enough to consider it junk, we can delete it before any harm is done.

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