How to Find Content Writers For Your Blog

How to Find Content Writers For Your Blog

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Guide: How to Find Content Writers For Your Blog

So you are looking for a writerSpecifically, you are looking for someone who can lure your eyes to your website words, in the same way that the Pied Piper can lure children from Hamelin with music. That is amazing! Even with the advent of robot journalists, nothing beats putting the human touch to virtual copy.

For that reason, you don’t want a writer who writes like he or she just wants to get the whole thing over with. You want someone who really cares about the “what,” “how,” and “why” of your message.

And honestly, you won’t find too many of these people on sites like Odesk, Elance, and Guru. (Even if you do find them, it’s quite likely that their skills are worth much, much more than $ 5 / hour.) You’ll better spend your time looking for writers in places like:

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Websites for writers

Unless you’re a writer yourself, you probably won’t get anywhere near these sites. After all, what do you have for blog posts like “How to Smash Writer’s Block to Bits ‘of’How to Do you plan writing time? “

But if you don’t at least check out the name lines behind the aforementioned posts, you’re missing out on some crazy writing skills. Writers usually lurk at sites like the one on The Write Life’s 100 Best Websites for Writers for their daily dose of writing tipsEvery once in a while, they’ll write a guest post or two for those sites so they can add a handful of pieces to their portfolio and show the world that “ writer ” isn’t just any bland badge they’re swinging around for fun.

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Comment sections

In addition to (guest) posting on writers websites, writers also let themselves go in the comment sections of these websites. Unlike most, these comment sections are usually well moderated, so there is little to none of the usual vitriols you will find in those places.

Also, the writers have links to their own websites – either through their username or an in-comment link formatted as “(username) recently posted (blog post title) – so it won’t be difficult to check their stuff and leave a comment.

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Blogs in your niche

Okay, maybe wade through post after post over ‘how to write if you don’t feel like writing ”is not in your wheelhouse. Maybe you want someone who talks less about writing and more about … something that is not related to writing that you want to write about. Does that make sense?

In that case, Google “(your niche) + blog” and see if you can find good leads from thereIf you already follow a blog in your niche (which you should, by the way!), You may already have a writer who stands out to you in some way. Feel free to let them know that you have work available for them, because chances are they will be happy with the offer!

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But then again, the writer you are looking for may not be available. That can be quite a disappointment, not to mention proof of that writer’s skill (why else would he or he be wanted?). What you can do is ask that writer if he or she knows someone else he or she can send you

Besides, It’s a good sign if a writer can or wants to refer someone to youIt means (1) that the writer does everything he or she can to help clients, even indirectly; (2) the writer takes the time and effort to connect with others, which is a basic yet valuable marketing skill; and (3) you have made a good impression as a customer to justify references to people the writer likes and trusts.

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Social media

LinkedIn isn’t the only place to find writers (although it is certainly one of the best places). Clever writers too up Facebook pages Twitter accounts, even Google+ pages to inform people about their services.

If you type “freelance writer” in the search bars of these social networking sites, you are definitely a good lead or twoYou can also comb through Facebook groups, filter Twitter hashtags for writers, or make a public post about your need for a writer.

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Where else?

“Where there is written content, there are writers.” Keep that in mind as you search, and you don’t care up so easy when you’ve been online for hours and you still haven’t found “that one”. Writers have a knack for hanging out in the most unlikely of places (because we’re a weird bunch), so Keep your eyes openLike magic, you never know when or where these people may appear!

Finding the writer you are looking for in the above places can take more effort than you are used to. But if you manage to find that writer, your efforts are nothing compared to what the writer can bring to your table: more website traffic, stronger customer relationships and most importantly, a big boost in your self-confidence as an entrepreneur.

Do you have stories about good writers and how you found them? Share off in the comments section!

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