How to find downloaded files on your Android device

How to find downloaded files on your Android device

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How to find downloaded files on your Android device – Guide

Lost a file or can’t find it? Here are some ways to find your files on your Android device. It’s incredibly simple to use an Android device. Previously, a lost file on your Android smartphone was very difficult to locate because when the smartphone’s operating system was first released, it didn’t even have a file explorer. Times have changed now and it’s very easy to find files on your Android smartphone. Here is how you can do this.

This is the best way to find all your downloaded files at once. The smartphone file manager name may be different depending on the brand used.

Step 1 – Locate the file manager in the application drawer. You can also find the app in the search bar above the drawer to find it.

Step 2 – Within the file manager, go to the download tab.

All recently downloaded files, be it an app, PDF or any other multimedia file, will be stored there in chronological order from newest to oldest files for most smartphones. Users can change the order in the Sort by available option by pressing the three-dot option and set it accordingly.

Step 3 – After locating the file of your need, just tap it to open it or you can also press and hold to get more options related to the file.

Using third-party file explorer

And if by chance any user phone it doesn’t have a built-in file explorer or the consumer doesn’t like the default file explorer. Well, the game store has covered it with tons of third party apps available for its users to download for free. Google Files is our top choice for file explorers as it has features to organize files correctly and can also be used to organize up your storage and give suggestions for cleaning up the clutter on your device.

Step 1 – Install Google Files from Playstore on your Android device.

Step 2 – Go to the navigation tab in final of phone screen between sharing and cleaning.

Step 3 – Tap downloads to see all downloaded files, apps or other multimedia files.

There is also a share feature in files called “Share”, which works like AirDrop to share files and folders instantly with another local device.

These file explorers will be useful for locating your locally downloaded files on your device. One can play multimedia directly from there and also install the downloaded app. There is also the possibility that a specific format is not supported by the smartphone’s file explorer. To get around this problem, the consumer can connect the smartphone to a pc / laptop via USB and find the file there.

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