How to find the Best VPN Services for Linux in 2021

How to find the Best VPN Services for Linux in 2021

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How to find the Best VPN Services for Linux in 2021 – Guide

Linux is always a great choice for those who are concerned about their privacy. Firstly, it’s open-source, so all the code is transparent. This means that if there are any errors or omissions, someone will see them and they will be fixed very quickly. It’s a big community and we’re pretty sure Linux is pretty safe to use. But if you still want to go a step further and want to be safe while surfing the Internet, then you probably want to use a VPN service. As you know, by using a VPN, you’re putting another layer of protection on your Internet connection should be anonymous and secure while you’re online, although I use that word – anonymous – with caution. Your IP address is hidden from your ISP and services that log IP addresses, but you are still not 100% anonymous. This is important for many reasons, the same as it concerns security when using Windows and going online, above all to keep your private data, such as credit card numbers and bank accounts, safe, as we shop a lot online. nowadays as well as online gambling. But regardless, a VPN service is something we always recommend and use on a daily basis. A VPN provides some security while you’re on the Internet because your connection is encrypted and the ISP doesn’t see what you’re doing on the Internet. Therefore, if someone tries to steal your data or intercept your Internet connection, they will not be able to do so. The VPN connection is encrypted and nearly impossible to intercept and decrypt. What Linux users have encountered so far is the lack of native Linux apps when they pay for a VPN service. Windows and Mac users almost always get their native VPN app, enter a username and password, and can use a VPN within 30 seconds. Linux users had to manage on their own, download third-party apps, define up an Internet connection to go through a VPN server, etc. However, not everything is so dark. There are several very good VPN services offered by native Linux applications, and below you’ll see which ones we’ve highlighted and how you can use them.

ExpressVPN – The best Linux VPN available

ExpressVPN offers everything for everyone. Linux users will appreciate how each extra feature is available in the operating system, and great speeds and full P2P support mean it’s very easy to work for torrents.

Surfshark – Excellent value with plenty features

It’s not quite the complete package like Express, but Surfshark is a great way to get Linux VPN protection for a low price. With great speeds, over 3,000 servers and usable clients, it’s highly recommended – and for less than $2.50 a month, you can’t go wrong.

NordVPN – Big Name Offers Serious Security

You’ve heard of NordVPN and for good reason. With great apps for Linux VPN users as well as some cool extras features, it’s worth considering the big name to protect your Penguin.

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