How to Fix ‘VLC Player Subtitles Not Showing’ Issue

How to Fix ‘VLC Player Subtitles Not Showing’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘VLC Player Subtitles Not Showing’ Issue – Guide

Subtitles are crucial for videos, especially when they are inaudible or not in your local language. That’s why it’s annoying when your videos are missing subtitles. VLC Media Player subtitles can get subtitles from a separate file or directly from a video with subtitles encoded in it. If your videos don’t show subtitles, it could be a problem with the VLC Media Player or the video itself. If you have a video that you want to watch on your computer using VLC, you may prefer to view it with subtitles.

This is useful when the video’s audio is in a language you don’t understand or you prefer to watch the video without sound and need to read the subtitles. You may also have a video that is playing with subtitles and you don’t want VLC to display the subtitles. If VLC has issues with subtitles, you can check subtitle options.

You use VLC, a free application by VideoLAN, to watch videos stored in various formats on your computer. VLC allows viewing subtitles when available. By default, VLC does not show optional subtitle tracks.

Fix ‘VLC Player Subtitles Not Showing’ Issue

Check subtitle settings in VLC

  • Open the VLC media player.
  • Click on the Tools menu.
  • Click on the Preferences option.
  • Then select the Subtitles/OSD tab.
  • Select the Enable Subtitles option if it is not already selected.
  • Select the Automatic option from the Font Size drop-down menu.
  • Make sure the Force caption position option is set to 0px.
  • Select plain white for the default text color option if this setting is configured differently.
  • Click Save to apply the settings.
  • reset VLC

  • Click on Tools in the VLC window.
  • Select the Preferences option.
  • Click on the All radio button in the lower left corner of the Interface tab.
  • Press the Reset Preferences button button.
  • Select the OK option in the prompt window that opens.
  • Make sure the SRT file title matches the video file name

  • Right-click Windows 10 Start button to select File Explorer.
  • Open the folder that includes an SRT subtitle file that VLC does not display.
  • Move the SRT file to the same folder as the video.
  • Right-click the video in the subtitle file to select the Rename option.
  • Copy the video name by pressing Ctrl+C option and press Enter key.
  • Right-click the SRT file and select Rename.
  • Press the hotkey Ctrl + V to paste the video file name, which will replace the current file title. However, make sure the file title includes the SRT extension in the final.
  • Convert SRT file to UTF-8 encoding

  • Right-click the SRT file in File Explorer and select Open With.
  • Click on the Choose another app option.
  • Select to open the SRT file with Notepad. Then verify that the content of the subtitle file includes the correct subtitle text.
  • If the content of the subtitle file does not look correct, open the Convert Files to UTF-8 web application in a browser.
  • Click on the Choose Files button button.
  • Select the SRT file that didn’t look right, which might not be UTF-8 encoded.
  • Press the Open button button.
  • Then click on the Convert to UTF-8 button button.
  • Click Download to save the file to your hard drive.
  • Download new subtitle files

  • Open the Subscence website in a browser.
  • Enter the movie you need subtitles for in the Subscene search box.
  • Click the movie link to open its subtitle language list.
  • Select English or another language for the subtitle file.
  • Click the Download English subtitles button button.
  • Click Save to download the subtitles as a ZIP file.
  • Open the downloaded ZIP in File Explorer.
  • Click Extract All on the Compressed Folder Tools tab.
  • Press the Browse button button to choose a folder to extract the ZIP. The subtitle file must be in the same folder as the video and have a corresponding filename (with an SRT extension).
  • Click on the Extract option.
  • Open and play the video you downloaded the subtitle file for in VLC.
  • Click on Caption > Add Caption File options.
  • Then select the subtitle you downloaded and click on the Open option.
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