How To Flag Segment on Strava

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Guide: How To Flag a Segment in Strava

If you use Strava, you probably already know how people can get a little carried away with capturing KOMs or QOMs, achieving PRs, and going to great lengths to stay on top of the leaderboard. In the vast majority of cases, it’s just healthy competition. Occasionally things can get out of hand and do a little bit of creative bookkeeping. When you see that happening, you can mark a segment in Strava.

A segment is a section of your route that is measured both as part of a trip and as an individual track. Segments have their own leaderboards and are tracked separately next to the run or ride. Those participating in a particular segment appear on a leaderboard for that segment and are ranked based on their time. It is an additional competitive element that can spur you to do better next time, which is the goal of most runners or cyclists.

There are always cheats, and there are sometimes real reasons why a segment may be unsafe. It’s those times when you might want to mark a segment in Strava.

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Flag in Strava

There are two types of flags on Strava: an activity flag and a segment flag. An activity marker is still relevant to segments, but is a general marker for when you think the user is cheating or has their GPS up. Both types of situations happen and one is on purpose and other are real mistakes.

I have logged rides where my Garmin has logged me to up a slope of 16% at 30 km / h and I was rightly marked for it. I deleted the portion of the ride as it was clearly a GPS error. When this happens, Strava will send you an email to let you know the activity has been flagged. You can then edit the ride, delete it or the segment and everything is fine with the world again. Of course people also do this on purpose.

Segment marking is more about warning other users of dangers. Strava has been under scrutiny before for supposedly ‘encouraging’ reckless running or driving, and segment flags is one way to avoid that. The problem is, it gets abused just as much as it gets used.

I’ve seen a few segments highlighted in Strava for no good reason. Some look like they were obviously done by the previous KOM holder that couldn’t go back to the top spot, so marked it instead. Strava has control over this, a user can only mark a ride once and Strava checks a segment for real dangers if you ask them to.

However, this doesn’t always work as a few mountain bike trails in my area are marked and still marked as ‘high-speed’ trails. That is exactly what they are, but they are completely safe as long as you are an experienced rider.

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How to highlight a segment in Strava

If you come across a really dangerous segment or see a dangerous segment, such as the one through a parking garage or your local mall, you can flag it and have it removed by Strava. It’s not guaranteed to stay flagged, but at least it will take away the temptation to recklessness for a while.

Here is how to mark a segment:

  1. Log in to Strava.
  2. Open the segment detail page.
  3. Select the action menu at the bottom right of the segment map.
  4. Select Flag.
  5. Give a reason for the flag and add as much detail as needed.
  6. Select Flag to capture.

You can also access the flag from the Analyze Segment screen.

  1. Open an activity from your dashboard.
  2. Highlight a segment at the bottom of the activity page.
  3. Select Analyze from the small menu in the center.
  4. Select the three dot menu icon on the left on the new page.
  5. Select Flag.
  6. Give a reason for the flag and add as much detail as needed.
  7. Select Flag to capture.

Give a good reason for marking a segment, such as “excessive traffic” or “pedestrian zone” or something descriptive. This feature should only be used to report hazards rather than suspicious activity, that’s what the activity flag is for.

As far as I know, Strava will look at these flag reports, assess the situation using segment data, and presumably local map data and maintain or remove the flag. The action that Strava is taking doesn’t always make sense, but I think given the size and breadth of their coverage, the company is doing what it can, how it can do.

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