How to get Fortnite Sideways weapons and craft them

How to get Fortnite Sideways weapons and craft them

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How to get Fortnite Sideways weapons and craft them – Guide

Season 8 of Fortnite introduced a new way to destroy your enemies: side weapons. This new type of weapon has an impact, but comes with a lot of risk, so make sure you’re ready to cross the side dimension before committing. These strange side weapons are the result of the Cube’s energy being dispersed across the island, opening up cracking between dimensions and allowing Cube monsters (basically sharper zombies) to dominate our dimension.

So how do you get side weapons? Keep reading for our full guide.

What is Sideways?

Inside, you’ll find side monsters, the aforementioned zombie creatures. These monsters will spawn inside Sideways every few seconds, and they will often be found near the Sideways loot chests (more on this below).

Monster types include:

– Regular monsters that deal melee damage

– Fire throwing monsters that can hit you even when you are in a high position

– Poison monsters that explode when killed, dispersing gases that hurt you

– Explosive monsters that explode similarly when killed

– Larger brutes that suffer more damage

side weapons

First up is the Sideways minigun, easily the most common Sideways gun in my personal experience. While the stats depend on the rarity you have, each Sideways minigun will eventually overheat and, in a brief window between standard fire and extinction, will do much more damage. So don’t be afraid to speed things up up and burn some ammo. Just be careful not to overheat and be helpless for several seconds.

Next up is the side rifle. Although its fire rate is lower, it will still overheat and temporarily gain extra damage, just like the minigun.

These are the only two Sideways guns we have at the moment, but according to data miner HypeX, we have Sideways shotguns and Sideways scythes coming up.

Side weapons: How to get them

Side weapons can be found in side chests, these loot chests a little bigger than you see in the image above. In my experience, I have safely found more than three chests in the outer parts of the lateral dimension. You will also find some by a spiral that appears within the dimension.

Side weapons can also be found on the ground like any other loot, but only inside the sides.

Side monsters also drop weapons when they are killed, but this is arguably the least effective way to protect them. You’ll have to locate your own weapons and ammo, just to spend them defeating your enemies, so go to the hole and hit the Sideways chests.

How to Upgrade Side Weapons with Cube Monster Parts

Cubic monsters are good for something other than basic loot. They also drop parts of the Cube monster, a new crafting ingredient that can be used to increase side weapon abilities.

Collect enough parts of the Cube monster plus a side weapon and open the crafting menu by pressing the tab key on your keyboard. The greater the rarity of your weapon, the more Cube monster pieces it will need to craft.

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