How to get ready to upgrade to iPhone 13

How to get ready to upgrade to iPhone 13

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How to get ready to upgrade to iPhone 13 – Guide

Here it is how to get ready for the upgrade, whether you’re getting a new iPhone 13, a discount iPhone 12, or any other iPhone that’s new to you.

The best way to prepare is to think about which device you are switching from. It’s not the same if you come from an Android phone as if you were coming from an older iPhone.

Coming from Android

So you made the (correct) decision to upgrade from an Android device to an iPhone. The easiest way to switch from one operating system to another is to use the Move to iOS app.

Apple released Move to iOS in 2018. Apple has made minor updates to the app to keep it compatible with the latest iPhones and latest Android versions.

This free app helps you migrate your contacts, calendars and more from your old Android device to your new iPhone over a private Wi-Fi network. It is so easy.

Coming from an older iPhone

If it’s coming from an iPhone, there are two important things you can do before your new device arrives.

First, you must reduce your storage.

If you have any media apps – podcasts, TV streaming, etc. – check if you have downloaded any disposable content. If you have some TV episodes on Apple TV or Netflix saved on your phone for offline playback, this can eat up lots of storage.

Likewise, select your apps. go to your Home Screens to upload any app or game you no longer use. You can also go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to see a list of all your apps sorted by how much data they take up and you can easily delete them from there.

By screening your apps and downloads, you can reduce the amount of data you need to transfer, making it faster. up the entire process. Plus, it puts you in an excellent position to get started with your new device, free of any unnecessary bloat.

Our second recommendation is to do a preliminary backup, either via iCloud or your Mac / PC. When you switch to your new iPhone, it will prompt you to make a last-second backup, but since this will be a delta backup covering only what has changed since your last full backup, it will only take a few minutes.

If you want to get your new one phone up and running as fast as possible, make a backup as soon as possible.

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