How to Insert Google Maps Driving Directions to Website

How to Insert Google Maps Driving Directions to Website

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How to Insert Google Maps Driving Directions to Website – Guide

Installing a Google map on an individual website or blog is a simple method to help guests track their strategy for getting around an area or orienting themselves to a location. Google Maps has a “share or install map” highlight that makes the HTML of the guide accessible to customers so they can paste it into their website code. You can install a guide preview an image, a road view image, or even enter explicit driving titles for a course. Google Maps is a smart “map” that incorporates many highlights such as organization of tours, bus courses, traffic warnings, steering bearings, distance adding machine in various perspectives such as satellite, continuous and mixed.

You may have seen these guides inserted in countless sites, mainly in the contact pages, and even when you search for a company or association on Google, the guide and company data usually show up in the right side. In fact, there are a few ways to do this.

The least demanding way is to just install the guide on your website page using the implant code produced by Google Maps. The next way is a little more specialized, but at the same time more adjustable and dynamic. I will refer to the two strategies below.

How to Insert directions from Google Maps to the website

Embed Google Map

If you just want to show your location or a specific route to visitors, embedding Google Maps would suffice. Follow these steps to enter your location or a specific route.

  • Go to Google Maps and find the location or a specific route by typing the address in the search box.
  • After typing the address, look for it and when you see it, click on the SHARE button (2) button and copy the code from “
  • You can also adjust the size of the map from the drop-down menu and try different sizes until you adjust the one that best fits your site. This code will then be placed on the page where you want the address to appear.
  • Create a form to get Google DIRECTIONS

    However, if the user wants to get the routes, he will need to click on Routes which will open in a new window and enter the address. In my opinion, the user is better off not being redirected to another site to do all the extra steps, he can get directions directly through your site by simply typing in the address.

    You can add the Google Driving Directions form anywhere on your blog or website, you will need to put the code in the source of the page where you want the form to appear. In this form, your visitor will see a text box to enter the address of the starting point and a clickable icon. button. The Google Form will automatically take them to Google Maps, showing the driver directions to your place. Copy the following HTML code.

  • Enter your home address:
  • In the code above, replace 34 5th Avenue, New York, NY with your address. Once the code is placed on your site, this is what it will look like.

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