How to Install Fonts on Android

How to Install Fonts on Android

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How to Install Fonts on Android – Guide

It may have gone out of style, but some people still like to install custom fonts. It is still possible, although the process is a little more complicated than most. You can also create and install your own fonts. All you need is a few apps, some time and some patience. Note that this will not work on everyone phones, but it should work on most. It should also work on Android 12 and doesn’t require root.

One of the main advantages of the Android platform is the amount of customization options available to you. This configuration may change from model to model, but a feature that almost every Android phone can change is the default font style. This can be done via various apps or flash methods and for some of these methods you don’t even need to root your phone. Today we will see some different apps and learn how they work with different Android devices phones and how to flash custom fonts.

How to Install fonts on Android

iFont (font expert)

iFont cares about users by providing a rich set of fonts that are compatible with Android system. It supports multiple languages ​​including Arabic, Myanmar, Japanese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian and more. iFont rewards your ownership, but has the disadvantage of requiring a rooted Android device if you don’t have one of the following versions registered:

  • meizu
  • Xiaomi (MiUi)
  • Huawei (Emotion UI)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, Note and Note II
  • If you have one of these supported devices, you can install ttf fonts on Android without root. To download fonts on Android, choose a font, click download and start using it right away. iFont comes with a limitation for devices that are not listed above. You might face some compatibility issue that asks you to root your device.

    Download and install custom fonts on Android without root

    To download fonts on Android, first of all you need to download iFont, after getting it on your device-

  • Browse the list of fonts under Online.
  • Then download the desired font and click Set.
  • When prompted for source mode, select System Mode and tap OK.
  • Restart your device and enjoy the new font.
  • To use a local .ttf font file, copy it from your PC and paste it into your Android device’s /sdcard/ifont/custom directory.
  • After that, perform the following steps in a sequence.

  • Tap Menu on the main screen.
  • Then tap Settings, Change font mode.
  • For rooted non-Samsung devices, choose System Mode. For Samsung devices, choose Samsung mode.
  • Click on the Customize tab, choose the font you like and tap on Set later.
  • Press OK when the prompt appears up.
  • Tap OK again at the prompt.
  • Restart your device after applying the new font.
  • Install Custom Fonts on a Rooted Android Device

  • FontFix: This allows you to install custom fonts easily.
  • FontFix is ​​a gold mine of Android fonts.
  • Choose any font you like in the ‘preview’ and set it up Within the system.
  • FontFix is ​​ad-supported. Then. if you want to get rid of annoying ads, you should lose a few bucks.
  • All font types in FontFix also have a ‘.ttf’ suffix.
  • If there are custom Android fonts that you want to download, it is recommended that you download them to your PC first and then go to your device’s /sdcard directory.
  • Don’t have a .ttf file? Follow these steps.

  • Launch the FontFix application.
  • Go to Menu and choose Select to start supporting up the default font.
  • When prompted with SuperSu permissions, grant them.
  • Locate the .ttf file you saved earlier.
  • Choose the .ttf file to start your installation from the pop-upup (This will be set to a default font.)
  • Grant SuperSU permissions.
  • After the installation is complete, FontFix will require a restart. Click Yes when prompted.
  • Instead of bringing in user-defined fonts, you can go through pre-configured font styles in the app. The Server and Preview tabs are displayed under the Local tab in the Font Installer interface.

  • Select the Server tab.
  • Choose the font you want to download and install.
  • Want to check sample text written in the chosen font style, tap Preview.
  • Finally, confirm your choice by tapping Install. It will install all android font styles.
  • Run another Backup and restart the device when ready.
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