How to Know the Wi-fi Pass­word in Mac OS X

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How to Know the Wi-fi Pass­word in Mac OS X – Guide

One of the best things about being an Internet entrepreneur and having a blog (what you’re reading) for a living is that I can work from almost anywhere that has internet, or more precisely, a Wi-Fi network that I can connect to. That freedom made me jump from one cafeteria to another, the ones with free wi-fi, of course. It also means that I have a list of wireless networks saved on my Mac that help me automatically connect to Wi-Fi from a place I’ve visited before.

Although I don’t have to worry about the Wi-Fi password, since it’s up and running, there are times when I may need to see them (when I need to share them, for example). You don’t expect me to remember them, do you?

So this post is about finding the password for a Wi-Fi network that’s saved on your Mac. Unlike Windows, where you can go directly to the Properties for that particular network and have it show the password, the things are a little different on versions of OS X.

Here are the steps to get your Mac to show a Wi-Fi password.

Step 1: Make a note of the network name by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon. Needless to say, this is a network to which you are connected or to which you have already connected.

Find your Wi Fi password for Mac1

Step 2: Go to Spotlight by clicking Command + space bar and type Locksmith. Keychain is a utility that comes built into Macs and does the job of storing passwords for the entire system.

Find your Wi Fi Mac2 password

Step 3: Open Key Access and you should find that network listed somewhere. If you can’t find it at a glance, try searching for it using the search bar at the top. In my case, it was right at the top of the list.

Find the Wi Fi password for Mac3

Step 4: Right-click on that list and click Get Info. You can choose to copy the password to the clipboard and then paste it into TextEdit to reveal it, but if you just want to see the password quickly, you can do it right here.

Find your Wi Fi Mac4 password

Step 5: Now you need to click on the Show password check box in the box that appears up.

Find the Mac5 Wi Fi password

Step 6: Keychain will ask you to enter the administrator password before showing the password for that particular network. Enter the password, click Allow and that’s it, your password will appear up immediately!

Find your Wi Fi password for Mac6

This is how you can easily reveal the passwords for Wi-Fi networks used on the Mac. Veteran OS X users will find nothing special about it, but people who have just switched to a Mac or have used it for a long time without having an experience with the Keychain should find it useful.

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