How to Look Better on Zoom

How to Look Better on Zoom

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How to Look Better on Zoom – Guide

Zoom has become so popular in recent months that it has joined the pantheon of brands that have somehow become verbs. Along with Uber, Netflix and Google, FaceTime has become a verb. You will not video call your friend later, you will zoom in later. Zoom is here. Zoom deserves its popularity for its impressive performance, overall stability and wide range of features, but its popularity has also been a double-edged sword. Security issues have plagued Zoom with its popularity, but work is quickly underway to close the security holes. To improve security over the next 90 days, Zoom has acquired a digital security company.

The popular video conferencing and chat app Zoom continues to be used by millions of people who choose to work, study and socialize in home in the midst of the pandemic. While the app has faced various privacy and security issues in the past, it now offers end-to-end encryption and other ways to protect your account and chats from “Zoomombing”. Zoom also added features to prepare for the future hybrid office, as well as some useful tools for presentations. If you’ve been using Zoom for years or just signed up up last year, there are a number of useful and fun tips, tricks, and hidden features you can find to improve your video chatting experience and make your video conferences a little less awkward – and hopefully avoid zoom fatigue and zoom anxiety.

How to View Better in Zoom

It must be a good light

Good light is important. Shadows falling on your face make it clear you haven’t slept, and the darkness hides your best features. Stand in front of a sunny window or place a light directly behind yours. laptop, phone or tablet. A small selfie lamp that connects to devices or a selfie lamp that also contains a phone, it can also solve your lighting problems.

get some height

If you are using a computer or a mobile device, the camera should be at eye level. This means that you may need to set up an accessory, such as a stack of books on your desk or a stool on a table. If you don’t already have one, now is the time to get a height-adjustable stand that works for laptops, phones and pills. If you mainly use your phone for calling and conferencing, you should get a stand that can be connected to a variety of surfaces.

in the background

During a video call, you should be the center of attention, so choose a location with no background distractions. Turn on the camera before a call to see what is being recorded and make adjustments to ensure the framing is correct. In Zoom, you can completely change the background. There are many backgrounds that you can choose from online or you can create your own. On a computer, access Zoom in a browser. Select Room Management > Zoom Rooms. Select Edit for the room, floor, or location, then go to Room Setup under the Room Settings tab. Next to Background image for zoomed rooms, click Upload new image and open the image.

Per mobile zoom, during video chat, select More and then Virtual background. Select one of the available backgrounds or tap the plus sign to upload your own image. You can do the same in Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

your best people

You shouldn’t pretend too much during the call, but moving your face away from your neck a little will make your jaw look firmer and more flattering. and looking up at the camera it’s a modeling trick that makes your eyes look bigger. Even if you don’t wear makeup regularly (this goes for men who don’t even own a skin care product), consider a skin tone like Glossier or Pixi. Applied lightly, it will give you a natural look. Anyone who is used to facing the world with a face full of cosmetics, but doesn’t want to fight it by gesturing *everywhere*, it’s good to use multipurpose balms (Olio and Osso and Pixi make good products). They make lips and cheeks look like you’ve really been outdoors.


Some video platforms take advantage of filters. In Zoom, you can check the Refresh My Look option to create a soft focus effect. After selecting the option, it will remain enabled for all calls. On a computer, go to Settings > Video > Video Settings. Under My Video, select Update My Appearance. Common mobile device, go to Settings > Meetings > Update My Appearance. In FaceTime, you can tap the filter icon during a call to get different effects.

Show up early

In real life, showing up early has its perks, as do video calling. You have the option to preview your appearance in camera, so you can make adjustments before the call starts.

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