How to Make Firefox Warn You When Killing Multiple Tabs

How to Make Firefox Warn You When Killing Multiple Tabs

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How to Make Firefox Warn You When Killing Multiple Tabs – Guide

Firefox is a smaller, faster, and in some ways more secure web browser than the Mozilla browser, from which much of its code was originally derived. Compared to Internet Explorer, the most popular browser, Firefox offers users a cleaner interface and faster download speeds. As of November 2008, Firefox had a worldwide browser market share of around 20%. For Internet Explorer, the number was around 70%.

Mozilla Firefox has a great feature which is enabled by default. Firefox warns you when you press the close button button while you have multiple tabs open. This feature It is very useful to prevent you from accidentally pressing the button button. For those who don’t need such feature, Firefox provides a checkbox in the confirmation dialog (Exit and close tabs?) – “Warn me if I try to close multiple tabs”. if you use this feature and accidentally disable it, you can restore it as follows.

How to Make Firefox warn you when killing multiple tabs

  • By default, trying to close Firefox with multiple tabs open will show a “Confirm Close” warning window with the message “You are about to close X tabs. Are you sure you want to continue?”
  • Clicking on Cancel button will keep Firefox running, but if you accidentally uncheck the “Warn me when I try to close multiple tabs” option, Firefox will no longer ask for your confirmation and will close the program instantly. In this article we will show you how to restore warning on exit when there are multiple tabs.
  • Click on the https menu icon located in the upper right corner and select Options. If you couldn’t find the menu icon, press Alt+T and select Options. Once on the preferences page, make sure the General tab is selected. Finally, check the “Warn me when closing multiple tabs” checkbox. This setting takes effect immediately without having to restart the Firefox browser.
  • For older versions of Firefox that still use the classic look and feel of preferences, you can find the setting in Options > Tabs > and check the “Warn me when closing multiple tabs” checkbox.
  • Alternatively, the manual way to achieve the same result is by typing about:config in the location bar to access the app’s hidden settings. Click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button button and type browser.tabs.warnOnClose in the search bar.
  • The default value is True, which will warn you when closing Firefox with multiple tabs. If it’s False, simply double-click to change the value back to True, or right-click and select Toggle.
  • If you’ve been using Firefox long enough, you may have noticed that this warning window has changed slightly since Firefox 4. Prior to Firefox 4, closing the browser with multiple tabs gave you the option to save the tabs so they would automatically reload next time you run Firefox. It’s a pop-up windowup similar in appearance, but the message says “Do you want Firefox to save your tabs for the next time it starts?”
  • While there may be a valid reason why the Firefox development team changed this behavior, this feature it may be more convenient and useful for some people. If you prefer to have this option, you can enable it by typing about:config in the address bar and clicking the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button. button. Then type browser.showQuitWarning in the search bar and change the value from false to True.
  • Note that this browser.showQuitWarning option takes precedence over browser.tabs.warnOnClose. This means that if you have the “Save and Exit” option enabled, it will override the default warning behavior when closing multiple tabs.
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