How to Make Mobile’s Battery Stay Longer

How to Make Mobile’s Battery Stay Longer

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How to Make Mobile’s Battery Stay Longer – Guide

a cell phone is as useful as your battery: without a charged battery, it wouldn’t be a real cell phone. But while most of us protect our phones with robust cases, we don’t seem to put as much effort into protecting battery life. The vast majority of cells phones (and pills and laptops) today use lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries offer many advantages, but even these batteries inevitably degrade over time.

Anyone who has used a cell phone for many years you will likely notice that battery life seems to decrease over time, lasting perhaps only half a day even after a full charge. That’s because your phone’s lithium-ion battery loses power every time it charges and discharges. In this article, we will show you how to prolong the life of your phone battery.

How to Make Mobile’s battery stays longer

Turn off location services

Be sure to disable the location setting whenever you are not using it. Some apps to know that use Location are Maps (of course), Pokemon Go (for such a fun game it kills your battery mercilessly), Uber and anything else that requires GPS navigation.

Ease up at the Camera

If you’ve been taking pictures or videos all day, that’s probably where your battery is going. Using the camera On your phone kills your battery quickly, and using flash doesn’t help either. Beware of any image chat apps like Skype and Hangouts, or social networks like Instagram and Snapchat.

low power mode

Apple has low power mode on its iPhones and iPads, and Android has battery saver mode. These settings reduce your phone’s performance but will make your phone last significantly longer. Android even has Ultra Power Saving mode which will make your phone last much, much longer. But it is a drastic measure.

turn off the vibrations

If you don’t need yours phone to vibrate for messages just turn it off instead of letting notifications rattle your battery to death.

Disable push notifications

Some apps abuse push notifications and annoy you several times a day. If you still want to keep apps that are sending a lot of notifications, go to the app settings (Android has a whole Notifications section) and turn off notifications for apps you don’t want to hear.

Battery saver apps

Apps like Battery Doctor (iOS, Android) or DU Battery Saver (Android) help you identify apps that are draining your battery. From within the app, you can adjust settings like Location, Bluetooth, and screen brightness to save battery life.

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