How to Make Phone Battery Run Longer

How to Make Phone Battery Run Longer

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How to Make Phone Battery Run Longer – Guide

In this article you will learn how to extend the battery life of your iPhone, Android or cell phone phone (not smartphone). If you use a smartphone, you’ll also know which apps and services consume the most battery so you open them less often. a cell phone is only as useful as the battery life: after all, it’s not a cell phone phone no charged battery.

But while most of us protect our phones with rugged cases, we don’t seem to try as hard to preserve our phone’s battery life. most of the cells phones (and pills and laptops, too) today use lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries offer many advantages (higher energy density allows for smaller batteries, which in turn means smaller, sleeker phones), but these batteries inevitably wear out over time.

Anyone who has used a cell phone for many years you will likely find that battery life decreases over time and may only last for half a day even on a full charge because your phone’s lithium-ion battery consumes energy each time it is charged. can load a lot. In this article you will learn how to prolong the life of your phone drums.

How to Do Phone Battery lasts longer

Don’t load all the way up

Most of us leave our phones to charge overnight, but it turns out that we’re really hurting your batteries. That’s because if you let your phone plugged in, when it reaches 100% charge, the battery will start to discharge. You won’t notice any difference in the short term. But after years or even months, its lifespan will be significantly reduced.

So how much should you charge your phone? Experts recommend between 40 and 80 percent if you want the battery to remain in good condition throughout the life of the battery. phone. Little and often, that’s the message. Maybe you can turn off your phone at night and turn it on quickly before work. Or charge it before the party instead of waiting for the battery to run out. At the same time, experts recommend charging the battery from zero to 100% about once a month. This will restart your phone and help you run faster.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If you are not connecting to a Bluetooth device, such as a smart watch or Bluetooth headphones, disconnect your phone from the Bluetooth connection. This will make a big difference in battery life.

Likewise, if you don’t need to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, turn off Wi-Fi on your phone. These wireless technologies consume a lot of battery power, so turning them off will extend your phone’s usage by several hours.

use 2G

Yes, this may seem like a throwback to the days of internet dialing up, but turning off your 3G or 4G connection can really improve your phone’s battery life. And don’t worry your phone it won’t be useless anymore phones have at least two permanent antennas, so you can still make calls and send text messages.

The downside is that browsing the web will be like drinking porridge. However, this should double your phone’s, so it might be a compromise worth making.

Use battery saver mode

many modern phones has a power saving or power saving mode. It can dim your screen, turn it to black and white, and seriously limit your phone. But in some cases it will double the battery life. When juice is running low and there is no charger nearby, this is a lifesaver.

Turn off the GPS

GPS is what most mapping apps use to determine your location. Unfortunately, this is another battery sapper. If you are not using Google Maps, Citymapper, Foursquare or other location app, please disable GPS, you will not notice any difference in your phone’s, and should improve battery life.

Change your screen settings

Most of your phone’s battery is used to power the screen. This is even more true now that phone screens are bigger, brighter and sharper than ever before. Reduce screen brightness in settings and turn it off after 30 seconds.

Make sure you don’t use an animated home screen as it will drain your battery. Even using a darker screensaver will make a big difference as it uses less power than a light one.

turn off vibration

It might be less irritating, but the vibration feature On your phone actually uses more power than standard ringtones, so turn it off. Keep your ringtones at a low volume to save battery and turn off the nonsensical beeps that alert you when you touch the screen.

If you set it to silent mode, the battery will be consumed less. It’s not exactly ideal because you won’t know if someone calls or texts you. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Kill all apps running in the background

You will be surprised at how many apps keep running in the background even after you close them. They can do something as innocent as finding your location so your maps app runs faster when you open it. Or they may collect your data for sale to third parties. Anyway, they are plums. Discard them and their phone it will last much longer.

Turn off voice control

Voice-controlled personal assistants like Siri (on iPhones), Google Now (on Android phones) and Cortana (on Windows phones) are another big drain on battery life. Avoid. If you really need to know the answer to something, just Google it.

Avoid intense sunlight

Mobile the devices use lithium-ion batteries, which work best just below room temperature. Bright sunlight won’t just warm up your phone and it will make your battery less efficient, but it will also light up up your screen so you can see it better. Both are draining the battery. Do yourself a favor and find a shade.

Turn it off whenever possible

Unless you use your phone as an alarm clock, turn it off when you go to sleep. Also turn it off when underground, as trying to find a signal consumes battery life.

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