How to Make Sure If Your Email Was Read

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Guide: How to Make Sure If Your Email Was Read

We send dozens of emails every day. It could be for our family members or our teammates. You may even run a newsletter from your Gmail account. If you feel like playing NSA-NSA or are of the paranoid kind needs To find out everything that is going on around him, you might be looking for a way to track the emails you send, to know if they are open at all.

Do you have to make sure that the highly personal poetry you sent to your loved one was read? What about that resume you sent? Learn about two services that fit both use cases.

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MailTrack is a free, easy-to-use tracking service for Gmail on Google Chrome. Many email tracking options that you find on the web provide a complete one featured solution with detailed charts and reports. They are also paid services.

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MailTrack is not all that. All it does is give you WhatsApp as double check marks for when an email has been read. Two check marks mean read / open. If you hover the mouse pointer over the check mark, it will tell you when the email was opened (even the location if available) and which client was used. While it is getting the correct time, the customer data is a bit shaky. It told me the email opened with Mozilla when I used Gmail app on iPhone.

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Go to the website and install the Chrome extension, then sign in with the Gmail account you want to track and that’s it, MailTrack is now working.

If you see a signature that says Sent with MailTrack as an attachment to every email you send, go to the website, log in, and from Settings turn off the signature. For me it was turned off by default.

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How MailTrack Works

MailTrack keeps track of the status of an email using the image properties in an email. Gmail nowadays shows images by default, so the status is easy to track. If for some reason that doesn’t work, MailTrack has a fallback system that relies on any links in the email.

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About privacy

MailTrack respects your privacy and does not prowl your email. When asked about the topic, the company founder said, “Under no circumstances do we have access to the body of the message. We also need a license to refresh the user’s Gmail tab after he or she installs the app ”.

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Banana tag

Banana Tag is a business alternative to MailTrack. Unlike MailTrack, which is free to use without any restrictions, Bananatag only lets you track 5 emails per day. If you want more, upgrade and plans start at $ 5 a month.

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Whatever you compromise with the daily limit, you win featuresMailTrack currently only works for Gmail and Google Chrome. Bananatag, on the other hand, works natively in Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook and can be customized for other services. There is also a Firefox extension on top of the Chrome extension.

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After installing and activating the Bananatag extension, you will be asked to approve access to deeper parts of Gmail, without which Bananatag will not work. Once done, the service will track every outgoing email.

As a reminder, it is displayed up at the bottom of the Compose box of the Gmail web view. You can turn off the Banana tag option if you don’t want to track that email.

Like I said, Bananatag is a lot less pop culture, a bit more corporate.

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To see if the email has been opened or not, you have to go to the dashboard of the website. If you’re a marketer / social media representative, this information in detailed charts and reports is very useful, but it may seem like overkill to a casual user. If you don’t want that, Bananatag will also send you an email every time an email is opened.

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MailTrack versus Banana Tag

For a casual user or a business person who just wants to make sure their family members or their teammates have actually ended up reading that email or not will do just fine with MailTrack. It’s easy to use and implements an action many of us are already familiar with.

If you are a marketer or run a newsletter from your Gmail inbox instead of some other dedicated service, you are missing out on detailed analysis and tracking they provide. With something like Bananatag you get the best of both worlds.

Top Image Via: Paul Downey.

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