How To Make Your Blog Successful: Tips

How To Make Your Blog Successful: Tips

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Guide: How To Make Your Blog Successful: Tips

It is not easy to manage a blog with multiple authors, especially if it is read by many people every day. The process of finding ideas that are relevant, the research, the writing, and the feedback you get is a long way to go – and the results can vary.

If you’ve ever had a blog or now have one, you may have experience hitting the wall. It’s the same invisible (but it will feel very real) wall that marathon runners “ encounter ” and have to surpass to keep running.

The alternative names we use internally are ‘burnouts’ and writer’s block and they are very dangerous for the bloge owner. It could mean the end of your blog and your career as a professional blogger. The stakes are high and it is possible that you have experienced it, are experiencing it, or will eventually experience it.

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You may all be bored by it. Tasks have become regular, or worse, mundane; writing pitches has become “what’s the point?” and you get saturated with it ideas you don’t want to spend time on because your highly critical readers may not like them

Hiding behind the term “writer’s block” is silly, but we all make excuses to answer our incompetence. But if you let that take over and you get paralyzed by it, then the end is near.

Here is how to get out of that cell.

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Celebrate the small wins

While expanding this site, we have come across many small wins. People sign up to thank us for introducing their products, readers thank us for providing a good tutorial that solves their problem, and designers (some, not all) especially appreciate some of the traffic we drive to their portfolios.

Some of them do it through email, others through the comment section itself. If you have channels where readers can express their views, these come in by themselves.

We don’t wait for this, but we absolutely appreciate them because it reminds us what we do changes a person’s life, big or small, significant or notWe cherish the feedback we receive and it reminds us why we love doing what we do.

If you experience the same form of positive feedback, stick to it. Share it with the people you care about. Show it off. It’s a long way in to give some sense of what and why you do what you do.

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Treat criticism like a pro

While we can happily jump with positive feedback, they are the negative ones that we spend more time and attention onWhy? Because this step is necessary if you want to improve. If you want to get better, criticism is where you find your Achilles heel – and guard it better than your Achilles heel.

note that not all comments need to be treated equally – some criticisms should be taken seriously, others ignored. Understand that you cannot please everyone and it is really pointless to even try.

Going with the general consensus is good enough and more importantly, don’t let the naysayers paralyze your ability to make a good decision. If you have readers who keep coming back, that’s proof you’re doing it right. Be careful not to lose sight of the forest for the trees.

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Stay consistent

The secret to a winning blog or site is sustainability. In order to persevere, a blog must have content that is consistent. You need time for that, and an ‘anchor’. ‘Time’ speaks for itself here. You’re lying to yourself if you think you can hit the popularity of major sites in less than half the time it took to get there. Sometimes you just have to hold on until you break out of your shell and you see light at the end of the tunnel.

As for the ship’s anchor, if you were the one who started the blog, that means you are the anchorThe reason someone reads your blog from scratch is that they like what you wrote about. And that’s the same reason they come back – for more of the same

As you expand your writing team, never lose sight of what your readers are looking for, no matter how many new categories you’ve introduced to your growing blog. While it is essential to test new waters, in an effort to bring in new readers, Don’t leave the loyal ones who have made you who you are because they gave you a chance.

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Push to improve, never compromise

That said, just because you started working in a bedroom or a garage doesn’t mean you will stay there forever, physically and mentallyOnce you start making a name for yourself, there are many more things going on: PR, marketing, politics, solicitations and reprimands … the pressure to maintain your reputation and the quality of your blog will be enormous.

You need people to come in and help you with the peripheral tasks while trying to stay true to your core content. The fact that they run around helping you fix these issues allows you to do what you do best, without worrying too much about this side, but essential tasks to keep the blog running.

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Encourage your team

Many online collaboration efforts today are more of a one symbiotic relationship rather than a hierarchyPeople work with you, instead of for you, and it becomes less of a win-or-lose situation, more of a matchmaking sessionWhen you click with someone who has the talents you need, you enter into a relationship called “a team.” These can be short lived (but sometimes you are lucky).

And they will also experience burnouts, which is why it’s terribly important that you are there to get them out of their rut by inspiring them when that happens. Communication plays a big part in convincing them that what they are doing is right, especially when they are about to fall over the deep end.

Sometimes it is essential to share with them the small wins mentioned above as well. It is not only your victory, but theirs tooAnd if you want to run with the ball, you want to make sure your team is behind you, watching your back, and supporting you all the time.

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Finally, here’s one for the readers (whether you have your own blog or not). We value your feedback and, in fact, make many of our editorial decisions based on the way you interact with our content and the comments you leave with usMind reading is still science fiction last we checked, so when you see what you like is the way you respond to it (by sharing or liking or leaving + 1’s on it) your choice to dictate what’s coming to the sites you love in the near future.

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