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Guide: How to Make Your Clients Love Your Work

So you’ve jumped into the world of freelancing, learned about the common problems freelancers face and how to fix them. You have learned what to put in your contract, that criticism can inspire you to improve yourself and become a better freelancer.

After knowing how to manage your reputation as a freelancer, how to use testimonials to gain more new customers, how to get rid of the bad habits that destroy a freelance career, and how to Treat different customer types like a charm, you probably think everything is done and done.

And yet it seems like you can’t get your customers to love you enough to keep you on their speed dial number. If you are facing this problem then this post can come in handy. We’ll take a look 7 must-have qualities to keep customers coming back because in many cases, at the end of the day, good chemistry is the most important part of most customer-freelancer relationships.

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1. Dedicated to professionalism

Commitment is required with any job, but clearly committed freelancers are the client’s favorite. Is commitment only about deadlines? No, there is more to it. It’s about doing your best in every small task go deeply into the problem to find the best solution for the problem at hand.

Clients like freelancers who go the extra mile, to be proactive and professionalWith these types of freelancers you never have to instruct them to give their 100%. They don’t think you earn less, and are very committed to getting the job done.

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2. Accepts customers as his boss

Of course, as freelancers, you consider yourself the boss, but in reality the client is the freelancer’s bossThe freelancer creates work based on the creative assignment as provided by the client, and takes payment as provided by the client.

Even if you don’t see him in person every day, the customer is still in charge. As a freelancer you have to carry that attitude with you and always be prepared to deliver work that makes ‘the boss’ happy. At least you should be respectful of their wishes, opinions and thoughtsAnd just like how you treat another boss, you will have to learn to tolerate some of the quirks of customers.

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3. Assumes the customer is always right

This is far from an expression you use in the spotlight. It is a attitude, a behavioral pattern that culminates in the way you treat your customers and your work. I’ve come across freelancers who think they have more knowledge than I do, who know better, and are therefore “more” right. They think my way is neither good enough nor the right way; their way is better.

assume that customers are always right

Safe to say those relationships did not last long (did you think so?). I have my reasons for demanding that things be done a certain way, and I have acquired their services because I have needed their skills, not so much their viewsA freelancer needs to understand where their clients come from and help them realize their vision where possible.

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4. Has the ability to surprise

And yet you have to leave the door a little open to surprisesClients love the ones who can surprise them with something new, fresh and unexpected in the project. It could be just about anything the client has never thought of: a new or new way to accomplish a task, or something surprisingly peachy about the project.

Make sure the surprises are a positive bearingNever surprise him with your crazy antics or anything completely opposite of what they wanted; otherwise you might be off his list.

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5. Can handle mistakes well

We all make mistakes, as the adage goes, but keep in mind that if you make mistakes, you must be the one to correct the mistake. Be smart about it, find a win-win solution that can be of service to both you and your client. And do it quickly not after it has escalated to a point of no return

handle mistakes well

Nobody likes to be pointed out where they’ve done something wrong, but we’re only human and we make mistakes even when we don’t try. When criticized for a job not done so well, accept it, handle it and let it goHaving a huge ego will get you nowhere, especially in a profession where you depend on someone else who loves your job.

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6. A no-nonsense attitude

Successful freelancers don’t take or produce nonsense. There is a need for an invisible gate between freelancer and client. Just because you both play guitar and stay in the same town don’t think you’re both best friends right now and projects will fall on your lap.

If you expect that, start expecting when your customers will turn around and ask for discounts for your services because you are the best of buddies. Doesn’t sound too appealing now, does it? Keep your distance, and you may be able to keep your bills paid.

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7. Choose Up Things quickly

A client is expected to be busy, which is why he hired you in the first place. He doesn’t have enough time to devote himself to his projects. So it’s no surprise that clients love freelancers who do know what they are doing and who can choose up things quickly. If it takes too long for you to understand their instructions or their methods, the client may prefer another freelancer who can “get” it faster.

picking up things quickly

That said, every project offers something new to learntherefore the eagerness to learn must be present. Otherwise we would stop learning and never improve. Some customers love those who have this ‘I want to learn everything’ attitude. It’s much better than a “this is below me, let someone else do it” attitude.

Do you have more traits that you have seen in successful freelancers? Share them with us in the comments box.

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