How To Make Your Work Visible to Correct Clients

How To Make Your Work Visible to Correct Clients

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Guide: How To Make Your Work Visible to Correct Clients

Have you wondered why, even after doing everything “right” – having a website that circulates through all the social media channels – you don’t get as much designer attention as you think you should be? It probably has something to do with the approach you took to market yourself and your work.

Today we cross each of the bad, ineffective ways designers try to market themselves, and look for alternatives to try that one instead much higher success rate

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What doesn’t work: Endless social media followers

Yes it’s true. While social media can be a great way to connect with other designers and professionals in and around your industry, it usually provides pretty dismal returns compared to other methods of self-exposure. There are many popular designers with thousands following them on Twitter or Facebook most of their business comes from elsewhere

Of course you can let a few customers trickle in via social media. In fact, I would say it’s likely you have a substantial following. But if you really want you to choose the most ideal customers that best suit your business, look elsewhere.

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What works: email (and snail mail) marketing

You should go to where your customers areToday, there is no better place to reach potential customers than in their inboxes. Creative, opt-in email marketing is an easy and effective way to promote just about any type of business, including freelance design. If you look up physical companies, this tactic is even possible extend to snail mail

A interesting mailer that shows your capabilitiesEven if you’re doing strict web or digital design, it can catch the attention of whoever sorts the mail at the company. And if you think that mailroom workers don’t share interesting things with the rest of the office … have you ever worked in an office? Believe me, they live for that stuff.

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What doesn’t work: Guest posts on design

Guest posting can be an effective way to get noticed by the design world. However, as with social media, its effect is severely limited when you are trying to reach real customers – people who want to pay you for your services.

Think for a moment about who usually reads written blogs about design. That’s right: other designersIn others words your competitionUnless your services include design writing, posting a guest post after a guest post probably won’t do much for you in the customer acquisition department.

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What Works: Being seen on prominent design sites and curated lists

Design clients generally don’t spend much time reading up on the industry through blogs. However, they spend a lot of time looking through examples of beautiful design workSites like Dribbble and Behance, as well as the best curated lists on Tumblr and Ffffound, are attracting potential customers in large numbers.

If your work is out there and seen in the best of places, you have one much better chance from someone who finds you and offers you work.

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What doesn’t work: Blogging for other designers

If you have your own website, it usually follows nowadays that you also have a blog. Blogging is one of those things that can do that too help or hurt you when looking for customers. It depends on the kind of services you offer, and more importantly, what you decide to blog about.

If you mainly blog about new developments in the design industry, or if you offer something tutorials and others tips to help your fellow designers, you won’t talk to potential customers that often. Again, topics like this are from less use for customers as they are for other designers.

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What Works: Blogging for your actual customers

If you really want to get customers’ attention through your blog, you need to write about topics matter to them, not designers you like yourself. How to Hiring a designer, what to look for when negotiating your first contract with a freelancer – these are the things potential design clients will want to read about.

They also want to read about the impact of design on their own industry, which is another reason why it is important to have a niche to meet.

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What doesn’t work: business card free for everyone

Think about this: How many business cards have you collected over the years? Ask yourself now how many you actually usedThat’s what I thought.

99% of the time, business cards do nothing but lie on the bottom of someone’s drawer or languish in their purse, purse, or pocket until they’re cleaned up and dumped in the trash six months later. You would think such a waste of paper would be more effective in getting people into work, but unfortunately. Her usually just a waste, period.

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What works: being more selective

The business cards that get used to are the business cards that have a real relationship attached. They weren’t just handed out to someone who asked, or forced on people who didn’t care anyway. It is important that people are enthusiastic about your contact informationPeople value information much more like they are the ones who seek it.

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What do you think?

Which marketing methods have been most effective for you? Do you have interesting experiences or counterexamples that you would like to share? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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