How to manage both Old and New Clients

How to manage both Old and New Clients

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Guide: How to manage both Old and New Clients

If you are a freelance designer serving a target market that seems to be shrinking or not bringing you enough business, it may be time to change up your customer base. This can be done in a number of different ways, but usually involves deciding whether or not you want to looking for new customers, or upsell and strengthen your relationships with the customers you already have. We discuss the pros and cons of each strategy so you can determine which one is best for you.

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Market health

Design in general has been both a buyer’s and seller’s market for the past decade. More individuals and small businesses are looking for professional design. At the same time, there are more working designers than ever before. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for almost everyone designer who zooms in on a niche

If you want to shrink your customer base, which you should always do, that’s a sensible approach assess your current customers and determine if they exactly represent the market niche you want to serve

If not, it’s time to fire those clients and find new ones. Whatever your niche, there are many potential customers out there

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Directed outwards

To focus on acquiring new customers requires more time and effort, in terms of marketing and contact. But it can result in one more lucrative freelance careerNot only because you can easily increase your prices as you gain experience, but also because you are constantly on the go exposing yourself to new people to work for, for anyone bring new potential opportunities

Suppose you do some work for a brand new client, that’s really nothing special. But that customer is closely associated with another influential person in your niche that you have been eager to introduce to you for a while, but which you have missed so far.

Impress customer A enough and scoring an introduction to potential customer B will be a breeze.

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Shrinking budgets

Sometimes, for financial reasons, customers cut back on the number of design services they accept. In this situation it is useful to find new customers, rather than simply hoping that your current customers will choose up steam again.

This way you are not linger when one of your major sources of income suddenly dries up up, which I have seen with many designers. The moment you catch a whiff of things south, dust off your business cards and find new business.

However, keep that in mind the best customers are always the ones with whom you have a real relationshipIf you don’t do your best to provide value and create an enthusiastic fan with every new customer, then there is no point in looking for new business.

You get stuck with one-off cases and customers who don’t really care about you. They see you as a commodity – an Adobe technician you can hire – and that’s definitely the worst place for a designer. Commodities cannot bargain or make a good impression, and they must always accept the work or compensation that is offered.

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Get referrals

However, your existing customers shouldn’t be left out in the cold. You can make them feel appreciated by adding value to them. This will encourage them to give you more work or refer you to others.

You already have relationships with your existing clients, so it’s a lot easier to ask for referrals. Still, many designers have a really hard time doing that – they are afraid their client will say no, or that it will be an impositionThis couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, you may occasionally end up with a strange customer that you don’t want to refer to others, but this is usually a sign that it is time to cut ties with that customer. Remember that asking for referrals is one thing perfectly normal part of the freelance journeyAny customer who refuses to do this little service for you, after you’ve just provided him and his company with so much value, is the one with the problem – not you.

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In Conclusion

In short, the choice between your new customers and your existing customers is a matter of personal preference and what makes sense to you. It everything depends on your individual situation and the relationships you have with your customers. However, it is wise to always keep an eye on things new chancesso that you don’t fall victim to sudden, nasty surprises.

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