How to Manage Freelancing along with Full-time Job

How to Manage Freelancing along with Full-time Job

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Guide: How to Manage Freelancing along with Full-time Job

Working on freelance projects while in a full-time job can be worth the fee, but it can also get hectic.

Allow yourself a moment to reflect on the following two challenges most of us face in our current economic situation: (1) no job security and (2) inflation. These challenges are exactly why even some full-time employees turn to freelancers in their spare time. Supplementing your income with extra work will not only earn you a decent income, but you will also have to worry less about paying the bills.

The question is, “How do we manage our day-to-day jobs, along with the freelance work?” Some people jump into the world of freelance without proper planning only to later realize that they have no idea where they are going with this new career. They slack off, fail to finish their work, turn in poorly executed projects, or fail to complete their freelance work during contract-specific working hours.

All of the above mentioned issues lead to unwanted disputes with the customers and thus a negative overall impression on them. That’s why I’m going to share with you a practical plan that will help you manage your workload efficiently.

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Time management is key

Even though the idea of ​​freelancing seems very sensible, it’s not a piece of cake. If you ask a designer, writer, or any other freelancer about their experience, they’ll tell you it’s literally impossible – okay not impossible, but difficult to manage effectively – without proper time management. If you don’t, it can all get confused up

For example, you can relax one day and make up the excuse that you were “caught” up with a number of social obligations ”, but then you will have twice as much work for tomorrow.

Without one work schedule to follow and the estimated time required for the remaining tasks, you don’t know exactly when to start your work to complete the extra work you need to complete that day. This carries over to the next and then to the next, and so on, decreasing your productivity and increasing your stress.

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What you can do

make a realistic plan and stick with it. By “plan” I mean one specific scheduleFor example, it takes me a while to recharge and overcome my exhaustion from daily work. That’s why I get back to work around 9pm (after several rejuvenating activities) and after 3 hours of regular work (including one or two 5-10 minute breaks) I’m done with most of the work I have for the day.

Find out what time suits you best and be specific about when to start or end and how many breaks to takeFollow this plan vigorously and you will also have no problem with your full-time job.

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Go offline

Many people simply cannot help but spend a lot of time on the Internet, especially on social networks. When you work from home you are free to do whatever you like, when and for how long you want. Unlike your office network where there are various limitations and the responsibility to get the work done on time, there are no limits to browsing on homeFor this reason, some spend a little too much time on social media and other websites.

For some strange reason, people who are well aware that the time spent on such additional activities will only negatively affect their work and productivity, choose to devote time to this. The reason could be boredom or a need for change. For whatever reason, try to limit such activities.

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What you can do

Do your research Save everything relevant to your project Go offline

You can also try some distraction-free apps that are quite popular these days. If you are addicted to social networks, you may want to try the Anti-Social app which blocks 30 social networking sites including Facebook, Hulu, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and more. Limitless, Stay Focus, Focus booster, Concentrate, and LeechBlock are also some great uses track your productivity or minimize distractions during work.

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Don’t take more work than you can handle

Okay, you may be taking extra work because you need more money, but remember: don’t bite more than you can chew. If you take on more work than you can handle, you cannot do justice to what you already have. As a result, instead of feeling productive, you will feel exhausted.

It’s necessary to have realistic expectations when you accept workRemember, you already have enough on your plate with your day job, bills and other similar obligations. An overfilled plate may look appealing at first, but once you start eating until your stomach is full, the extra food is just thrown away.

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What you can do

Think of the mental and physical efforts as your “appetite”. If you can only work three hours at night, keep that in mind before accepting projects that take more time than you can spend on them.

There is nothing wrong with saying no to your customers every now and then. If you tell them your schedule doesn’t allow you, I’m sure they will understand. Her better to know your limits instead of accepting more work than you can handle

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Communicate by email

Even though communication via phone is more efficient, sometimes it is better to communicate with your customers via email. Why is this practice better? The reason is you can save your time

In my opinion, email or instant messaging is a much easier, faster and more efficient form of communication. Plus, you have a history to look back if either of you disagrees with what has been discussed. A black and white proof will always be more convincing than a “did he say or didn’t he say?”

You also don’t have to worry about waiting for your customer to be “free”, especially when considering different time zones.

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What you can do

Ask them to email you if they have any questions or need clarification on an idea, concept or sketch, or simply if they want to share their feedback.

You may want to learn to take the opportunity to better organize your mailbox so that you can save time by no longer having to search through threads and threads in the history to find what you are looking for days or months later.

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Work on the weekends

During your college years, your full-time classes, travel, and other commitments likely took up up most of your weekdays. This may have left you with only the weekends to work on the most difficult projects and assignments. Likewise, your nine to five day job will certainly last up most of your hours of sunshine (and some more to relax) during the week. That is why the weekend is almost always a welcome change.

The weekend gives you plenty of time to fulfill your freelance obligations, and no one but your clients will wait for your work.

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What you can do

You can also add your most demanding and high-profile projects for the weekends when you can work in the morning (usually when people are wide awake and fresh).

If you are worried about not having a social life, think of it this way: you can either get some extra cash in your pocket or a few extra hours to “socialize”. What do you prefer?

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In addition to earning more, freelancers allow you to learn new things and gain more knowledge on a variety of topics. It certainly takes hard work and effort to build a successful freelance career and can take a lot of time in the long run. But do you know what’s best about all this? It’s not until you cash that check that your freelance gig gets you. Everything will be worth it.

Editor’s Note: This is written by Preston PiercePreston is a marketing professional and blogger with an interest in freelance writing, designing and writing. He currently works for Logo Ping, a company logo design agency. You can follow him on Twitter.

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