How to Manage Notes in Google Keep

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Guide: How to Manage Notes in Google Keep

Gone are the days when you would need a physical journal to take notes. Now we carry our cell phones everywhere, and we can use them for taking notes. There are many note taking apps available in Google Play Store such as Google Keep, Evernote, Simple Note, Zoho Notebooks, etc.

Google Keep is pre-installed on most Android devices. It is a simple yet powerful note-taking app. At first glance, it seems that the app doesn’t offer much organization. Only when you dig deeper will you discover its hidden powers.

To make it easy for you, here are a few ways to organize your notes in Google Keep. Let’s jump in.

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Add labels

Google Keep lacks hierarchy as it does not support folders and subfolders. But it lets you organize your notes with labels. You can add multiple labels to a note. Labels are like tags that identify the category of the note. For example, you can have work, home, travel, etc. as labels on your notes. Later when you need to find the work related notes, just click on the work label.

Follow the steps to add labels to a note:

Step 1: Open the note in Google Keep and tap the three-dot menu. From the menu, select Labels (on mobile apps) or Add a label (on the website).

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Step 2: Tap the check box to select the existing label or enter a label name in the text box to create a new label.

Note: You can also type # and you will get all existing labels. Select someone to add them.

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Mark by color

Another way to easily find notes is to use the color scheme. By default, all notes are white in color, but Google Keep allows you to change their color for easier identification. For example, you can keep your lists yellow and all personal notes green.

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To change the color of the note on it mobile apps, tap the three-dot menu in an individual note and select one of the available colors.

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Open the note on the website and click the color palette icon. Then select the color.

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Bulleted lists

This is one of the hidden ones features from Google Keep because it’s not clear at all unless you’ve randomly pressed the asterisk button or dash (-) key. In short, Google Keep does not provide a dedicated

to create bulleted lists, but pressing any of the named keys will create a bulleted list.  When you press the Enter key, Keep automatically adds the same list symbol.

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To create a bulleted list, type * or – and add a space with the space bar. Then enter your first term and when you’re done, hit Enter. Note:

Adding a space after * or – is very important. If you miss it, the list will not be made.

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To stop a list, press the backspace key once the list symbol is created when you press the Enter key.

To-do lists

While Google recently launched a dedicated to-do app known as Google Tasks, to-do lists have been a part of Google Keep for a long time.  You can create a new task list by tapping the New List icon.  Once you've created a to-do item, tap the check box to complete it.

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You can also convert an existing note into a to-do list.  To do it on the website, tap the three-dot icon and select Show checkboxes.

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apps, tap the plus icon in the lower left corner and click Checkmarks.

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Pin comments feature Now if you have some important notes that should always be on top, you can do that by pinning them. Similar to the pin

from other apps, the pinned notes will stay above others, even if you add new ones. mobile To pin a note to Google Keep

apps, open the note and tap the pin icon at the top.

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On the website, hover over the note and click the pin icon.

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Archive notes feature Sometimes there are notes that we do not want to keep or delete. Enter the archive

feature Again, similar to the archive

from other apps, the note is hidden in the main view without actually deleting it. All your archived notes will then be available under the Archive label. mobile To archive a note on it

app, open the note and tap the archive icon in the top right corner.

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Likewise, on the website, tap the archive icon of that particular note.

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We need more

While Google Keep is one of the best note taking app out there, it could have been a lot better if we could have organized notes a little differently. For example, Google Keep could win more hearts if it adds folders and subfolders.

But let’s be happy with what we have now because you never know when Google will decide to end the app. It has happened before.

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