How to Manage Parental Control on Windows 10 PC

Log into the Microsoft family

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Guide: How to Manage Parental Control on Windows 10 PC

If your child has your home computer or you buy his first computer, then you have to work with it Microsoft family on Windows 10. It provides powerful parental controls that help supervise your child’s digital activities including the apps and websites they can use / visit and set up up time limits up to avoid prolonged computer use

Microsoft Family works with your Microsoft accounts and comes with an “activity report” feature Which sends you weekly reports about your child’s activities straight to your inbox. It looks extremely useful, right?

Okay, let’s take a look at how to get started with Microsoft Family and Set up parental controls on Windows 10.

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Log into the Microsoft family

Microsoft family is a service that connects family members and offers children a safe environment while using Windows 10 and Xbox One devices as well as Android devices with Microsoft Launcher. In addition, you can plan and set events in your family calendar up group family chat on Skype.

Follow these steps to set up up your Microsoft family:

  1. Open the Get started menu and click on it Settings icon.
  2. click on Accounts, then go to “Family and other peoplefrom the left.
  3. Click “Log in with a Microsoft accountUnder “Your Family”, and sign in with your Microsoft account (or create one if you don’t have one).
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Create member accounts

You can add different user accounts for your family members in Windows 10 so that you can give them relevant permissions as per the requirements. Then you can connect them all to your account with the Microsoft family.

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Adult account

You can add an adult account to track activities, manage requests and family settings like change child account settings

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Click The link “Add a family member”Under“ Your family ”.
  2. Now choose “Add an adultIn the section ‘Add a child or an adult? ‘ dialog box.
  3. Add an adult account in Windows 10

  4. Type the email address of the child’s Microsoft account and click The nextIf your child does not have a Microsoft account, ask them to create an account and complete this step.
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Child account

You can create a child account that will work under parental supervision set by you with the features in the Microsoft family. With this account you can protect your child and set a time limit on their computer activities. Moreover, you can track their online activities by signing up for a weekly report.

  1. Click on the option “Add a family member”Under“ Your family ”.
  2. Select “Add a child” in the “Add a child or an adult?“Dialog box.
  3. Add a child account in Windows 10

  4. Enter your child’s email address or click “The person I want to add does not have an email addressIf your child does not have an email address, then click finally The next to make one for him / her.
  5. Finally, confirm the name and email address if prompted.

Note: Once your child signs in to their email account, they must accept the invitation to join your Microsoft family or you will not be able to manage their account.

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Set-up parental supervision

When you’re done adding accounts for your kids, you can see them as a list under ‘Family and other peopleIn the settings. Let’s take a look at how to manage parental controls on your Windows 10 PC:

  1. Open Settings, Click Accounts and then go to “Family and other people” on the left side.
  2. Under ‘Family and other people’ click on the link ‘Manage family settings onlineTo open the Microsoft family configuration page.
  3. Manage Microsoft family settings

  4. On the Microsoft family website, you will see all your family members listed under ‘Your familyAlong with the options to manage them.
  5. Access to Microsoft family on the web

  6. You will see below your child’s account Activity Screen time Content Restrictions, and more options, including time limits.
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You can use the Activity tab (under Family section of your Microsoft account) to track your child’s activities, including apps and games usage, web searches, and more. The activity list is organized under headings so you can quickly scroll through it when it suits you.

View the activity of a child account

In addition, you can change the restrictions on apps and games or websites he / she uses / visits – click the “Change restrictions”Top right of a section to change the set limits for the given activity.

Change restrictions for an activity

What I find interesting is that you can also choose to get a weekly report straight to your inbox. Follow the steps below to get activity reports in your mailbox:

  1. After signing in to Microsoft account, click Family in the top right, then select your child’s account from the list of family members.
  2. below Activity, Click on Management.
  3. Manage activity in Microsoft family

  4. Switch ‘Activity reportingTo collect and track your child’s activities.
  5. To turn on “Email me weekly reportsTo receive activity reports via email.

Enable activity reports in Microsoft Family

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Screen time

You can restrict your child’s access to the computer through the “Screen timeTab. If your child tries to access outside of the time window you set, he / she will not be able to log in to their account, thus denying them access to the computer.

Let’s take a look at how to configure the time on your child’s screen:

  1. Switch to the “Screen timeTab present next to Activity
  2. Below “Screen time that’s easy“Set the option”Use a timetable for one screen“To set up a schedule for all of his devices.
  3. Then configure the time allowed using the drop-down ‘Hours allowed”For each day under“ Screen time schedule for all devices ”. You can choose “BlockedFrom the drop-down list to completely deny access every day.
  4. Schedule screen time for a child account

  5. You can also click on a day’s schedule to schedule an access period for each day under which your child can access the system.

Strictly schedule screen time for a day

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Content Restrictions

You can restrict websites, black or white list websitesand also restrict access to apps, games and media. In addition, you can enable restrictions for online purchases through Microsoft Store and receive emails for them too.

Follow the steps below to enable content restrictions:

  1. Click on the “Content RestrictionsTab.
  2. Below “Ask a parent“, to turn on “Needs adult permission to buy stuffTo prevent him from making purchases from the Microsoft Store.
  3. Below “Ask a parent“, Turn on”Email me when my child gets stuffTo receive email updates for purchases made by your child.
  4. Add shopping restrictions for a child account

  5. Below “Apps, games and media“, to turn on “Block inappropriate apps, games and mediaTo block the unsuitable apps and games.
  6. Select one of the options from the drop-down box labeled “Allow apps and games that have been ratedTo set a content rating for your child.
  7. Enable restrictions for apps, games and media

  8. Below “surf“, Click on “Block inappropriate websitesTo block adult content and enable SafeSearch in the default browser. You can allow a website by entering it in ‘Add a website that you want to allow“And block a website by adding it in”Add a website you want to block
  9. Add web restrictions to a child account

  10. You can convert the allowed websites to whitelisted sites, ie only allow these sites by selecting the “Only allow these websites
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To sum it up up

Microsoft family is one of the best parental control tools one can come across – especially if you are looking for a free solution. While it only works with apps from Microsoft, it’s worth a try if you’re using a Windows 10 PC.

How was your experience institution up your Microsoft family? Which is the best feature in Microsoft family according to your experience? Leave a comment below and write me directly to @aksinghnet on Twitter to provide feedback.

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