How to Manage Reminders On Mac

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How to Manage Reminders On Mac – Guide

In previous entries, we showed you some interesting options for managing your tasks on your iPhone or other iOS device. However, the Mac has its own application for doing this, called Reminders which, depending on its use, can be a tremendously capable application.

So if you use reminders on your Mac regularly, read on to learn some tips about it that will certainly make it even more useful for you.

Prepare? Let’s start.

Work with multiple tasks or lists

As you may already know, Reminders on your Mac allow you to create to-do lists where you can add different reminders and manage them almost like notes within folders. Better yet, if you enable iCloud, changes made to Reminders on your Mac are instantly synced to your iOS device and vice versa.

Reminder Lists

You can select multiple items in Reminders simply by holding the CAPS key or the Command key while clicking on them. After selecting one or more reminders, you can rearrange them or drag them to other lists.

Selected reminders

Reminder drag

Likewise, you can select multiple lists and Reminders will display all of your tasks grouped in the right panel of the application.

Multiple Reminder Lists

Turn emails and websites into reminders

Let’s say you receive an important email with information about an appointment or something else that you want to remember. If you have Reminders open, you can click on the message and drag it to Reminders and the app will create a task based on that email. In addition, it will provide a direct link to it.

Reminders Email Drag

Reminders Email Drag Completed

But emails are not the only things you can put in Reminders. You can also paste or drag and drop any Safari URL into it and Reminders will generate a task with a clickable link.

Reminder link

Important note: Strangely, you cannot place multiple emails in the Reminders window, nor can you drop one on the Reminders icon (which you can do with other apps). You also cannot drop files on Reminders to create tasks.

Several Tips

If you hide the left panel where your reminder lists reside, you can swipe left or right on your Mac’s trackpad or Magic Mouse to scroll through those lists.

Reminder scroll lists

Reminders does not allow tags or any other advanced way to classify your tasks. But that does not mean that you cannot organize your messages. To do this, use Twitter’s hashtag system and add the symbol “#” to a word that you can designate to separate your tasks into categories.

For example, you can use #partyprep or #shopping and then use the advanced search in Reminders to filter these tasks from others.

There you have them. Use these tips to make reminders work better and faster for you. At the final, what matters is that you become more productive, and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you use these tips. Enjoy!

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