How to Mix Ajax Into HTML using Intercooler.js

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Hello friends today we gonna learn about How to Mix Ajax Into HTML using Intercooler.js. So read this article, How to Mix Ajax Into HTML using Intercooler.js step by step so you may understand it in a better way. If you have query related to same article you may contact us. So Lets begin:

Guide: How to Mix Ajax Into HTML using Intercooler.js

It has never been easier add Ajax to any websiteIn fact, it is quite common to build entire websites based on Ajax requests called Single page apps (or SPAs)

However, this always has a bit of jQuery and requires some technical bickering update page contentIf you only need a few basic Ajax functionality you can use intercooler.js to mix this directly into your HTML.

Intercooler allows you to write HTML attributes contain native Ajax request URLsWhen users click on certain links, you can dictate that Ajax requests are pending instead of the normal click action.

All of this relies on HTML5 data * attributes like ic-post-to. You can add this attribute to a button or an anchor link, and it will automatically connect to jQuery for an Ajax POST request.

There is actually a page full of these attributes on the plug-in website. Here’s a bit of it sample code to see what it looks like:

Click on me!

This would send an Ajax POST request to the URL / buton_click, and load the answer in the container element. Intercooler is a fairly simple library and incredibly powerful once you understand how it works.

Granted, this won’t solve all of your Ajax problems, because the cannot update other parts of the page automaticallyIt too can’t add too much custom features without slowing down the page, so a detailed SPA really should be use custom Ajax code

Intercooler.js offers a more semantic way of writing Ajax code so that it loads and even provides a native fallback.

To install intercooler you just have one copy of jQuery together with a copy of the intercooler library which can be found on GitHub. You can even test without downloading all files using a jQuery CDN and the local Intercooler CDN.

Put both in one

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