How to Move a PC Game to Another Hard Drive Without Re-downloading

How to Move a PC Game to Another Hard Drive Without Re-downloading

This guide is about How to Move a PC Game to Another Hard Drive Without Re-downloading. So read this free guide, How to Move a PC Game to Another Hard Drive Without Re-downloading step by step. If you have query related to same article you may contact us.

How to Move a PC Game to Another Hard Drive Without Re-downloading – Guide

If your hard drive is out of capacity, you can relocate your PC game library to another drive. Here it is how to make the switch from your preferred game client.

How to Move games to another drive with EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is an expert in the field of data transfer, application transfer and PC to PC transfer! Avoid spending hours redownloading games and reinstalling them again, EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free is your good helper to move game installation to new hard drive. It will perfectly solve where to find the game’s configuration files or how to find all essential installation and configuration files. Can EaseUS Todo PCTrans move PC games elsewhere? Yes, you can, thanks to three transfer modes – PC to PC; Backup and Restore; Application migration. These three modes would be able to handle cases during game migration to another computer/laptop or drive.

How to Moving PC games between hard drives

As the hard drives are not separated on different computers, you cannot directly initiate the game transfer over the Internet. Don’t worry, as long as you plug the new hard drive correctly into the same computer where the original hard drive is installed, you can move a single of several games at once from the source drive to the destination drive like a charm.

Connect the target drive to your computer

Where do you want to place games from their original location? Use the correct way to connect the drive to your computer, where EaseUS Todo PCTrans is installed. Run the game transfer software, choose “App Migration” and click “Start”.

Choose the games you want to change the location

In the left bar, choose the original drive where the game programs are installed, find the games and check the checkboxes. Click the triangle icon to choose the destination drive as the file path. After all the selection, click on “Transfer”.

Transfer games to target drive

The software will work to move the selected games from the original location to the custom location. Wait for the process to finish.

How to Move a game to another unit

Of course, you are free not to use EaseUS Todo PCTrans. But the following manual methods do not guarantee 100% success of valid game migration. Also, some of them only work to move one game, not dozens of games. What makes it difficult to manually copy or cut a game from one hard drive to another includes:

  • The copy or cut method only works for some programs, now called portable programs. While for other installed programs, its simple copy loses registry settings, Dlls in Windows directories, etc., lack of which you cannot open moved programs.
  • For games, as there are many types, it is unclear whether it will work or open after moving to a different location. Good thing we know a unique strategy for migrating most games on Steam, Origin, Epic, and Riot.
  • How to Move Steam Games to Another Drive

    Copy and paste the game

  • Create a folder in the new location where you will store the games. In Steam, you can go to Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders and click “Add Library Folder”.
  • Now navigate to the new Steam library folder and create a new folder called steamapps. Then create a folder in steamapps called common. (Steam automatically looks for steamapps/common subdirectories to save games)
  • Go to your current folder and find the game folder you want to move under steamapps/common. Copy the game folder to the new steamapps/common folder on the new hard drive.
  • uninstall the game

    Navigate to your Steam library, right-click the game and click “Delete Local Content”. This will uninstall the game from its original location.

    Play the game on the new hard drive

    Click on the Install button button to reinstall the game. From the “Choose Location” drop-down menu, choose the Steam folder on your new hard drive. Once done, you will be able to play the game as usual on the new hard drive.

    How to Move Origin games to another drive

    Origin has the “Move Game” built in button to change the game installation.

    You don’t need to find the game folder. Right-click the game in the Origin game library > Choose Move Game > Choose Destination.

    Copy and paste games.

  • Go to the default Origin Games folder (C:Program Files(x86)Origin Games) to find the game you want to move.
  • Copy the game files to the new location and delete the old one on C drive. Then you can open Orgin and follow the path. (Source > Application Settings > Advanced > Download Games). Choose Change to modify the folder location.
  • How to Change Epic Games installation

    You can use copy-paste way such as find the installation location of epic games in C:Program FilesEpicFortnite and paste in E:GamesEpicFortnite. Or you can uninstall Fortunite and select the install location during the download process again. PS Check the details about how to move blizzard games to another drive.

    How to Move Valorant to another unit

    Follow the steps to move games to another drive:

  • Open the default location of your valorant: C:ProgramDataVALORANT
  • Open the RiotClientInstalls.json file with Notepad > change paths > Save
  • Go to Metadata in the Riot Games folder > choose the folder > open with Notepad
  • Replace product_install_full_path and product_install_root with new path > Save
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